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Pinterest Pins that aren’t Pinteresting.

I’m nothing if not super helpful. So here’s me helping you manage some of the Pinterest pins out there that aren’t what you think they are.  Pretty much everything on Pinterest sucks besides my “funny” board. You should follow it. It’s fantastic and the best thing I’ve ever done. Ever.


I can’t give this one any photo or blog credit because it says the blog has been removed. It probably went inactive because the chick that wrote this tutorial died while making pomander balls.

These. Take. Forever.

They’re super cute and super easy and super sucky. They take like fourteen years to make if you want them to look right. And don’t just try to do it with bigger flowers, because that doesn’t look right, either. I wish I had taken a picture of my half done pomander ball. Because after fourteen hours and twelve thousand needle pokes to my fingers, I gave the hell up.


This one is great in concept, but doesn’t work too well if you have soup cans that aren’t Campell’s or don’t have full boxes ALL of the time. The problem is, the box isn’t sturdy enough to stack them unless all of the bottom boxes are COMPLETELY full.  If not, they crumple on each other. You could reinforce them, I guess, but with all that damn work, you might as well just go out and buy one of these:

These suckers are $30 at I was not paid for this endorsement. I’m just trying to save you some time and sanity.

This one is my favorite because it gets repinned LIKE CRAZY.  DIY water beads from things you can find in your kitchen! What you’re pinning folks? The page to a HOAX. I laugh every time I see it. I’m going to laugh harder when I pin it from this page and people repin it. You should repin it, too. Because we’re hilarious. And if you’re here from a pin on Pinterest, hello and welcome.

Sorry you’re not going to be making cool water beads.

This is a lot like the Mountain Dew hoax I warned you about a while back. Don’t waste good Dew. I implore you.

But you know what I do love with all of my heart and can’t wait until Halloween to make? This bad boy:

In fact, I might just make one out of a watermelon and put it on Erin’s porch while I wait until pumpkins are in season.

Meanwhile, follow me on Pinterest. It’s worth it. I swear. Even more than following this damn blog, which if you aren’t, you should. It’s the right thing to do.


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You googled it, nerds.

It’s fun to see where the traffic is coming from on my blog. The best is the google search terms that are used to bring people here. A couple KEEP COMING UP. So I figured I’d just address them all in one place.

1. I am not the Mormon Kelle Hampton. I’m not.  Is that what you were referring to? Probably not. Kelle Hampton is NOT Mormon. Or LDS.  I do not know her or Mitt Romney (he’s dashing, don’t you think?). Also, though her blog is LOVELY (and she does MANY MANY great things with her notoriety) , we have NOTHING in common. Okay, 1 thing, and it’s not fantastic bangs. My bangs suck.  Her kids are super cute and if you love her, you should. If you don’t, email me and tell me why. I’m interested. Because I see nothing but perfection. She’s living the dream. And that sort of bothers me.

2. I didn’t get fat after we stopped dating. You know who you are. I got fat after something inside me died and I stopped caring so much.

3. This is a cute ninja kitten:

It’s not MY ninja kitten. I have one. Why don’t you ever see it? Because it’s a damn ninja!

I stole this picture from this site:

Did you know there are many pictures of cats online? I’m pretty sure that sites devoted to cats come second in number on the internet to sites devoted to porn. So it makes them the 1%. Kittehs.

3. No joke, in my ALL TIME section of hits- this comes in tenth: Max and Ruby. Why? Because a LONG LONG time ago I hypothesized that their parents got ate. I had a picture. I haven’t heard the end of it since. Tell me then, where are their parents? They’re rabbits! If they were still alive Max and Ruby would have five thousand siblings. But it’s just the two of them. They’re dead. Get over it.

4. Fried Chicken. Again, not kidding. One time I posted a picture of fried chicken and the American Flag. Keeps ’em coming back. Fried chicken is AMERICAN. And delicious.

5. Fluffy Tutu Tutorial. Thanks for stopping by, crafters, because I have the only free tutorial on how to make a SEWN tutu for free on the internet. You’re jerks and are only here for one thing. Then you go on your way and forget all about me. I hate you so much right now.

6. Then there’s the rest of the hits that come from crap pinned to pinterest from this blog. That makes me supremely happy. I love pinterest. Have you seen this one on pinterest?

I fixed it:

Much better.

Aaaand you’re welcome.


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