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Easter in not about Zombies.

Aaaah, Holidays. A time to try to instill in my children that there is a true meaning to fat bearded centenarians and bunnies who somehow produce eggs. There’s a lot of explaining in my house.

This year we was no different. It started out with an Easter Egg Hunt at the Holly Ridge Center. The HRC is the Early Intervention program that Abby goes to (or will as she gets older, they mostly just come to our house now). Casey went through their program, so we know most of the people there. So we took all of the kids to this family day.
( Is that not the creepiest bunny you’ve ever seen in your life? They used it for a party for special needs kids! Someone should have thought that through. It looks like it’s going to take a chunk out of Abby’s head. )

We told them on the way there that there were going to be a lot of little kids with special needs and that the they needed to be big helpers. So while we were there Carter didn’t take a single egg for himself. He went around reaching eggs that were too high for little kids and just basically being the sweet kid that he is. Casey comes by and his easter basket is so freaking full that he can’t fit any more eggs in it. Tenatively, and scared of a meltdown, I asked Casey if he’d share his eggs with Carter, who didn’t have any. So Casey took his basket, lifted it up and happily gave Carter HALF of his eggs. My heart gushed happy faced pride. So then Carter took his basket and started laying out some of those eggs for the little kids to find again. Again, gushing. Without knowing what the other was doing, Casey came behind Carter and picked up all the eggs as he hid them.

Good times.

Easter breakfast, yes, on the floor.

So on Sunday morning we’re trying to explain to the kids about Jesus’ resurrection. We told them that after three days after he died, he came back to life. And yes, this turned into a conversation about how it really wasn’t the same thing as zombies, but the point was lost on them. They spent the next hour pretending Casey was a zombie and shooting him with their nerf guns that they got in their Easter baskets. Instead of baby pillow pets because they were sold out. So they got weapons. On Easter. Good mothering.

But backing up, if you look at the picture of the Easter bunny they had seen the day before, of COURSE they put together Easter and zombies.


“T” games

   We don’t let our kids play games that are rated “T” or above. Casey calls them the “bloooody games.” Peyton found his way around that. He decided to make his imaginary play a “T” game. He told me that.  “Moooooouuuummm, I’m playing a Teeeeeeeeeeee gammmmeeeee” He’s a scary kid.                                                                                              
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Random tidbets of Magnusson awesomeness.

Usually, ( I act like) I’m against any sort of transgression. It’s wrong. Don’t sin. Unless it totally works out in my favor. Or my brother in law’s favor. Have I told you that my BIL is on BYU’s basketball team ?

You can snicker at that because you know that’s pretty much how I introduce myself, “hi, I’m Lexi- yes, Lexi MAGNUSSON, you know like the Magnusson on BYU’s basketball team? You don’t? No, not Fredette. MAGNUSSON. The best looking one. And I’m not just saying that because he looks like his brother and his brother is HOT. Anyways, I sleep with his brother!”                                               Well, he is (on the team, jerks…he’s my BIL!) . And just today he got to play for like 67 minutes. And he played AWESOME!   It’s so nice to have a claim to fame. I’ve been holding on to that incident with Nicholas Cage for way too long.  Logan was on ESPN tonight, too. Which is way cool because ESPN is always on. It’s March. 
Lets see. What else. Well, if we’re not friends on Facebook you missed that Peyton decided to wear a top hat to Marky’s baptism tonight. Yes. A top hat. 
Casey’s had a rough week. He’s kind of like me though. Stress brings out the cleverness. Yesterday he came home and got right in the bathtub. We can usually gauge what kind of day Casey has by how quickly he gets in the tub. Yesterday he was almost naked by the time he got in the house. So I knew that in five minutes, my phone would ring and I’d have to apologize for something- and usually something I later find HILARIOUS. Like earlier this week. Casey got mad that it wasn’t Valentine’s day and freaked out and kicked a car. Did some damage to the car (but why was he even in a place where he could kick a car, am I right? I should have asked that but when I talked to her again yesterday, she said not to worry about it and I was SO not going to push it).  So yesterday Casey had spent some time in the “quiet room”. And by “quiet” they mean “padded”. Did you know schools have those? I didn’t. Not until I had to sign seven forms saying that it may have to be used for when Casey head butts a teacher.  Yesterday he was mad that he Bryson* (name changed to protect identity and because I can’t remember) because Bryson likes school. I asked him about it and Casey said, “it’s because Bryson’s soooo laaaammmmmeeeee.” Anyways, Bad day. So Lance and I are “talking” (not a euphemism, but to say that “we” were talking is usually invalid. Lance doesn’t say much)  and we hear Casey get out of the tub. He goes to get on some clothes (if we would help him he wouldn’t have to go commando in some of Peyton’s clothes…but we’re encouraging him to become more independent- which is different way of saying “we’re lazy”) and Peyton asks Casey to play dudes with him. Casey says no and Peyton asks why. Casey says, “Probably because you’re ugly.”  Peyton tells him he’s not and Casey says, “Well then it’s because you smell bad”. And heads off. Thank you Spongebob, for teaching Casey 95% of his dialect.
Yesterday I found myself yelling over and over again at Peyton, “Do NOT screw the duck!” Peyton had the power screwdriver and my duck figurine. Thought I’d clarify that. 
Do you play Words With Freinds? (I’d call it WWF, but then you’d automatically think I’m whitetrash. I’d like you to get to know me before you come to that conclusion) If you do, find me. I’m Lexipmagnus and I will beat you. Mostly because that’s what I do when I feed Abby. Feeding Abby takes about a half an hour a bottle, so I have nothing but time.
I can’t type and feed her a bottle though or I would have already told you about how much I love Bazzill Basics Paper (The post is coming…it really is) or about how much crap is in the back of my Sequoia to go the Goodwill. I’ll have to take a picture. Also, a forest grew in my bedroom an my name isn’t even Max!

Happy dVD!

 So this year we made Peyton sign his own damn Valentine’s Day cards (“damn” is always placed in front of “Valentine’s Day” in our house. Tradition is tradition. Now, Pam, give me the quote about evil traditions so I don’t have to look it up) He was ALL OVER IT. For about five seconds.  Check out the progression of his cards.

 a couple of cards later…

 several cards later 
 Yup, those are dudes fighting in the “M” or whatever that is up there.
                                                           and then he quit.                                                                                                                     

Give me all your myrrh!

 So I was going to do some super cheesy post about a day in my life when I came upon this scene. You see, “dudes” have invaded our house. We have too many. Upwards of 200 thanks to our neighbors who sold all of theirs for a quarter a piece at their garage sale. Peyton spends MUCH time playing with the dudes…and, apparantly, my nativity set.

 aaaaaand….wait for it…..look who is baby Jesus:

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Random Stuff

My kids are awesome. Seriously. They are the awesomest. I knew being a mom would be kind of cool, but I really didn’t know it would be so funny. And good. But mostly funny.

  • Last night we went for a drive to see the Christmas lights. The Ridge was great. Did the HOA give out inflatables and deer there? Good for you guys. So then we go to the rich neighborhood- McCormick Woods. We had high hopes. It sucked. There was like one good house in the whole freaking place, and that place is HUGE. I was going on and on about how if you have enough money to have a home fourteen times the size of mine you should at least have 1/14th the lights (407). They can afford that! From the back Carter perks up, “well…maybe that’s WHY they have money. They save it.” what a jerk, right?
  • Casey was getting very bored while we looked at the lights. He was ready to go home. He loudly growls from the back “I need to get hoooomeeeee, the computer misses me.
  • Peyton, who never ever for one minute quits talking and thus has many funny things to say just because of sheer volume, “My breath smells like choice cuts!”
  • The other day Casey did something I could not have done. He got a cupcake at school and decided to save it. (see?) For Peyton. He cupped it in the palm of his hand and held it getting on the bus, the entire bus ride home (which is long because his bus drops off at every child”s””ss house) and getting off the bus. He didn’t take his backpack off for the ride, either. He didn’t even lick the frosting. He was so excited he RAN off the bus and gave it to Peyton. Then I cried because I do have soul. Mostly.

Gas station awesomeness

So there’s a 76 station about a mile from my house. It has THE BEST fountain drinks and cinnamon bears out there. I frequent it. They know me. They know, and therefore, fear my kids. The owner of the store is a crazy lady. Her name is Sonye. She’s Vietnamese. After I had Abby she asked me if I was breastfeeding AND THEN GRABBED MY BOOBS. I told her yes because I was so freaked out at what she’d do if I told her the truth. She’s decked the whole place out in creepy looking statues that she decorates for the holidays. There’s a statue of a monkey that’s about four feet tall. It’s wearing a Santa hat. The dude at their food counter says he can make you ANYTHING. I asked for venison. He said he could. I’m pretty sure no matter what you order there, you’re going to get boiled cat. (the part about the venison I made up, I stand by my boiled cat statement)

So today we go in there, pay my $1.51 for my soda and head out. Peyton was with me. He’s always with me. I get out the door and he’s not behind me. I go back just as he’s on his way out. He’s laughing maniacally. So is the tooniceitboardersoncreepy clerk. Afraid he’d grabbed something or knocked down a display (again) I asked him, “Peeeeyyyyton…what did you do?”
He stops and says, “I licked the monkey.” Yes. The monkey statue in a mostly seethe gas station with a Santa hat on.


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Random Life Snapshots

I wish I had an awesome camera and awesome camera skillz. But I don’t. Most of the pictures I have were taken by one of my bratty little kids who decided to steal the camera and document the squalor in which they live. So I thought I’d make you all feel better about your lives and post some pictures that they took. What’s amazing to me is how much they really do portray our real life. The pictures I take…not so much. I take pictures when the house and the children are clean. I take pictures when the kids are being cute or nice or not evil in some fashion.

This is Casey. His fingers are orange because he’s eating cheetos for dinner. Again.

And Peyton. This is a self portrait. He does many like this. He’s vain. He’s also eating the cheetos.
These two are best friends. I’m not sure who took this one. Peyton is in his super suit. Casey is dressed up in all green- like Luigi.
This is Peyton on the couch watching “Team Oomie Zoomie” for the second or fifteenth time that day.
And here’s one of me. I’m actually NOT at the computer in this one- you can tell by the forest in the background through the window. I’m washing dishes. You can’t tell it by the look of my house, but I clean A LOT. I hate it with all of my heart. I look tired. I’m always tired. But happy. I’m not always happy.

Then there’s this one. I took this one. This picture is so many things to me. It’s when reality really started sinking in. I bought Abby a Bumbo chair in hopes that it would help her sit. She’s really bored of laying. She wants to be able to sit up and play with things. So I stuck her in it thinking it would be some miracle tool- and realized she still didn’t have the neck muscles to even hold her head up. She’s five months old. It’s amazing how a picture that isn’t of me looking fat can send me into a funk at warp speed. Up until now she’s just been a baby. Doing the things that babies do. She’s done them all a little bit later- but she’s done them. Until now. I’ve started noticing how far behind she is. How hard we’re going to have to work- like we did Casey. The weight I’ve been feeling got a lot heavier- and it never goes away. I was never a huge worrier, which is weird, because I come from a long line of worriers and crazies. I worry a lot now.

Lance sat down and crunched the numbers in hope that we could get our mortgage rate changed. There’s an area in the application that talks about financial hardships. I was so surprised how much things are costing/going to cost us. When all is said and done, we’ll be spending about $1,100 every single month on health care costs. A MONTH! I thought when we saw that Regence was raising their “specialist”fee $10 it wasn’t that big of a deal. But now as we’re looking at getting Casey therapy once a week, and Abby twice, just that extra ten bucks adds up to $120 extra a month. Lance makes good money and we’ve never gone without, but this figure is another thing that’s just hard to wrap my mind around. What it comes down to is little less soda, a lot more spaghetti. We’ll be fine, we always are.

So that’s why there’s crazy amounts of tension in between my shoulders. Reality lives there. It wieghs one me. But I’m so freaking blessed. I have a husband that does a great job taking whatever burdens he can. I have a fantastic family. I wrote about Abby not holding her head up in the big Price Family Newsletter and I swear the very next day it was getting better than it had ever been. I know they pray for us, and I can see the difference it makes. Please keep praying for us. For Casey, for Abby. They have to struggle a lot more than most, so they need more prayers and extra love.

So now you’ve been given a real glance into my life. Not as ritzy as we appear, huh? ahahahaha.


Peyton’s Birthday

Peyton turned 5 on Saturday. Yes, we’re all amazed/happy that he’s still alive at this point. It was sketchy there before he turned Casey into an ally. (al eye?). All he wanted was one of those pillow pets that have been in every single stupid ad on Nickelodian. He has the ad memorized and can tell you that you “simply attach the hook and loop strap and it’s a pet… it’s machine washable…” awesome. We had some nerds over and then went to the pool.

Yes that is a brick of cake. We could only find one of our cupcake sheets- and it was the one with only six holes. Fun. So Lance did a couple of those, got bored, then made them into loaves. We’re classy.

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The Coast

I love love love the Washington Coast. All growing up my two favorite places were first, my Grandparents’ beach house in Orange County, and second, my grandmother’s little cabin in the woods. The Washington coast combines the two. The woods goes right up to the beach- which goes out forever.

We went there this last weekend and had a BLAST. I needed to get away. So did the kids.

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Baby Abby in what looks like a sweat band. She’s a little bald in the front, so we’re investing in Brett Michaels type bandannas- they’re just not here yet. She’s cute, huh?

Chandler MY LOVE. This is the sweet (no longer) little girl who used to live next to us. They came and visited us last night, which was totally delightful, but just angered me more at her parents terrible decision to move away. Terrible!

Maybe not completely soulless after all.

Just like her dad, she sleeps like she’s dead.

Casey crossing the monkey bars all by himself.

Carter and Mark at field day

He chooses his clothing.

So itty bitty.