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Easter in not about Zombies.

Aaaah, Holidays. A time to try to instill in my children that there is a true meaning to fat bearded centenarians and bunnies who somehow produce eggs. There’s a lot of explaining in my house.

This year we was no different. It started out with an Easter Egg Hunt at the Holly Ridge Center. The HRC is the Early Intervention program that Abby goes to (or will as she gets older, they mostly just come to our house now). Casey went through their program, so we know most of the people there. So we took all of the kids to this family day.
( Is that not the creepiest bunny you’ve ever seen in your life? They used it for a party for special needs kids! Someone should have thought that through. It looks like it’s going to take a chunk out of Abby’s head. )

We told them on the way there that there were going to be a lot of little kids with special needs and that the they needed to be big helpers. So while we were there Carter didn’t take a single egg for himself. He went around reaching eggs that were too high for little kids and just basically being the sweet kid that he is. Casey comes by and his easter basket is so freaking full that he can’t fit any more eggs in it. Tenatively, and scared of a meltdown, I asked Casey if he’d share his eggs with Carter, who didn’t have any. So Casey took his basket, lifted it up and happily gave Carter HALF of his eggs. My heart gushed happy faced pride. So then Carter took his basket and started laying out some of those eggs for the little kids to find again. Again, gushing. Without knowing what the other was doing, Casey came behind Carter and picked up all the eggs as he hid them.

Good times.

Easter breakfast, yes, on the floor.

So on Sunday morning we’re trying to explain to the kids about Jesus’ resurrection. We told them that after three days after he died, he came back to life. And yes, this turned into a conversation about how it really wasn’t the same thing as zombies, but the point was lost on them. They spent the next hour pretending Casey was a zombie and shooting him with their nerf guns that they got in their Easter baskets. Instead of baby pillow pets because they were sold out. So they got weapons. On Easter. Good mothering.

But backing up, if you look at the picture of the Easter bunny they had seen the day before, of COURSE they put together Easter and zombies.

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Obligatory Christmas Post

Twas the night before Christmas… We spent Christmas Eve with the Hoskins. We like them. This is Clint (the dude that I said had horns he had to file down but really doesn’t) reading to the kids.

This is the culmination of months of preparation, one all night shopping spree and several panic attacks.

And like everything in my life that I spend a long time on it got turned to this…

I love it. I really do. We had a GREAT Christmas.

Family Christmas photo/outting myself as a fatty. The second part of that is being remedied. Aren’t we cute? Peyton’s smile is broken.
This picture is perfection. It’s totally my boys. Carter is so freaking handsome. Peyton is pyschotic and Casey is my joy.

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Random Stuff

My kids are awesome. Seriously. They are the awesomest. I knew being a mom would be kind of cool, but I really didn’t know it would be so funny. And good. But mostly funny.

  • Last night we went for a drive to see the Christmas lights. The Ridge was great. Did the HOA give out inflatables and deer there? Good for you guys. So then we go to the rich neighborhood- McCormick Woods. We had high hopes. It sucked. There was like one good house in the whole freaking place, and that place is HUGE. I was going on and on about how if you have enough money to have a home fourteen times the size of mine you should at least have 1/14th the lights (407). They can afford that! From the back Carter perks up, “well…maybe that’s WHY they have money. They save it.” what a jerk, right?
  • Casey was getting very bored while we looked at the lights. He was ready to go home. He loudly growls from the back “I need to get hoooomeeeee, the computer misses me.
  • Peyton, who never ever for one minute quits talking and thus has many funny things to say just because of sheer volume, “My breath smells like choice cuts!”
  • The other day Casey did something I could not have done. He got a cupcake at school and decided to save it. (see?) For Peyton. He cupped it in the palm of his hand and held it getting on the bus, the entire bus ride home (which is long because his bus drops off at every child”s””ss house) and getting off the bus. He didn’t take his backpack off for the ride, either. He didn’t even lick the frosting. He was so excited he RAN off the bus and gave it to Peyton. Then I cried because I do have soul. Mostly.
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Oh Christmas Tree!

You know, I thought monkeys had it easy living in trees. Until I lived in a tree this week. It sucks. I got all cut up and stuff. But look what I did while I was up there:

Yeah, boy! That’s 3,500 lights! I did not turn into a monkey though. (When I was in my youth, I really thought that if I spent enough time in our pool I would grow fins and become a mermaid. It wasn’t so much the product of an active imagination as it was that people didn’t listen to me when I spoke, so no one corrected my misguided views).

My pictures also suck. It’s because they were taken by my phone. Because the children broke the camera. AGAIN. So now I want a really nice one. Doesn’t make much sense with how the last ones met their demise, but whatever. You’d follow my damn blog if it had nice pictures, huh?

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I freaking LOVE Halloween.

I love EVERYTHING about Halloween. Decorating. Candy. Dressing up. Dressing up my kids. Having a reason to FINALLY buy the gorilla costume I’ve wanted for years. Lance having a reason to call me “Reginald” and order me around in a snooty voice.

First year having a girl to dress all cute. Abby is a butterfly.

I like to jump up and down on my porch and yell at the neighbor kids. I also like to decorate.

I can’t find the cord to upload the pictures of my boys from my phone. We suuuuuck. They were cute. Really