I will forget all of the funny crap Casey says if I don’t write it down. So here I am, writing it down.

this is Mexican Jesus. He has an irritable bladder.

 A couple of weeks ago we went to King’s Dominion theme park. We got Casey to ride some of the smaller coasters, which he was cool with, but that’s it. { I bought a sweet dinosaur puppet, I named it Mexican Jesus} Anyways, Carter asked Casey to go on the big loopy coaster. Casey takes one look at it and says, “I would like NOT to, thanks!”

The other day I was ranting to Heidi about some of the emails I had gotten. Nothing too big of a deal, and I was PMSing, so I was making a bigger deal out of it than it was. Casey looks at me from above his too-big bowl of cereal and says, “Mom, are you being internet bullied?”

My favorite thing Casey does is when he sees that Abby has gotten into some of his things and whispers under his breath, “braaat!”

When Peyton was sick Casey walked around singing this song, “do do dooo dooo, I hope that you don’t die.”

I’ll think of more later that I’m sure I won’t write down. Sorry suckers.