“Celebutard” lipstick- Hey Sephora…

Hey Sephora,

Up until a year or so ago, you’d never find me at a department store buying makeup. I was a proud drugstore make up wearer. I also had really bad skin that was only getting worse. When I switched to Sephora products, not only did my face clear up, but my make up stayed in place and, on the days I wear makeup, I look like I could almost pass for a human. It’s good stuff.

I like the makeup, which is why I’m sad to say that I will not be shopping at your stores anymore.  You got Kat Von D. to create an edgy line of products for you. I get it. She’s a beautiful celebrity that doesn’t look like all the rest. It’s appealing. However, the name of one of your lipsticks goes beyond edgy- it’s distasteful and hurtful.


Celebutard lipstick, an UGLY name for a 'beauty' product.
screen shot from sephora.com

Who were you aiming this at? From what I understand, the name pokes fun at “unintelligent celebrities” by mashing up “celebrity” and “retard.”  It’s offensive, and not just to celebrities whose intelligence you are putting into question by using a term that once was used to describe people with intellectual disabilities.

It’s those people and the people who love them who are hurt the worst.  You’re picking on the most vulnerable in our society by using a derogatory term that historically has been used in gross ways to make fun of them. Would you make products that combine the word celebrity with such ugly terms as ‘faggot’ or ‘nigger’? Did your skin just crawl up your arms a little bit when I used those terms? It should. They are disgusting terms and I hated even typing them out. That disgust you feel when you see those words used is the same disgust I feel when I see someone flippantly using the word “retard.” You’ve used one of the ugliest terms in the English language to describe a beauty product. 

This is my daughter. Using the word “retard” stabs at the disability part of my daughter- her intellectual capabilities- only. It’s a word that reduces who she is to what she can’t do. It’s hateful.  It’s a word far too ugly for this beautiful face.

Abby's so pretty

 I’m begging you, change the name of the lipstick. It’s just lipstick. It’s not worth causing people pain. Sure, maybe it’s driving people to your site, but I assure you, most of them are just shaking their heads in disgust.  If you’re using the name of this product for publicity, well, there’s a special place in hell…

An apology would be appropriate as well. Show people like me that you’re not really as out of tune as it seems.

Your products are made to enhance beauty. Why would you name one of them something so ugly?


144 thoughts on ““Celebutard” lipstick- Hey Sephora…

  1. “Burn the witch!!!!”

    But, in all seriousness, I have two special needs kids, and frankly it doesn’t bother me. You are all making such a big deal out of nothing. Low intelligence life forms will be low intelligence life forms, no matter how you try to school them in special needs etiquette. They just don’t care, they don’t and any apology will be fake, too. Stop letting their harsh words define you, let them define the speaker, as they do, as low intelligence. Get over it y’all, your shrew is showing.

    1. Shrew? Because I’m standing up for my children? Because I’m not okay with a word that is used as slander to be normalized in the public view? Because I care about words and about people being hurt?

      We can’t all be dead inside. Sorry.

  2. Why is everybody here so sensitive? Why do people always think that things are about them? It looks to me like “celebrity” and “leotard” combined, look at the shade it looks like flesh tone, does it not? Makes sense to me. I too am sensitive to children’s disabilities and still would not be offended because retard is not the only word in the English language ending in “TARD”. I found that once I’d learned not to take things personally my life has become much more enjoyable. Please do not raise your children to be martyrs even if they happen to have been born with disabilities. Empower them to be resilient and strong… The world is full of not nice people and things,empowerment will better prepare them for dealing with that.

    1. So if something doesn’t bother you, it should’t bother other people? People shouldn’t advocate for change?

      And do you HONESTLY think that Kat Von D named her lipstick a combination of ‘celebrity’ and ‘leotard’? That doesn’t make any sense. She didn’t coin the term ‘celbutard’. It’s out there. It’s a term that is exactly how I described it in the piece.

      I’m glad that you’ve come to a place in your life where you let nothing bother you. But that place to me seems stagnant, ignorant and complacent. If you’re okay with people being dicks, fine. I’m not. Don’t put me down and call me “so sensitive” and say that I think this is about me when you have never walked in my shoes. Do you have two kids with disabilities? Do you know what it’s like to try to shield them from the onslaught of assholes? Then don’t tell me I’m being too sensitive.

  3. A-holes and ignorance bother me however I teach my child to choose his battles and to not take the words and actions of police, mean people and jerks personally. I’m raising a very confident, kind, caring and friendly young son who is doing well. I teach him that things in life are not personal and that he should value where he places his energy. It’s sad to see someone so overwhelmed with other people’s opinion that it affects her life so incredibly. there are many kind and caring people in this world and I hope you can learn to count your blessings there. Your child disabilities are blessings in some way shape or form, it’s up to you to see that. I hope you find peace one day. Your children will will benefit from it greatly.

  4. I think your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I think Kat – D is an idiot. And as for Sephora, well, I think the entire “beauty” industry is right up their with the the the worst of the worst. $50 for lipstick? $100 for perfume? Oh, and you can’t possibly LIVE without 48 shades of nail polish and at least 120 different skin moisturizers.

    …but oh, that precious little face:) SO sweet.

  5. Your daughter is so beautiful!!! Thank you for standing up for your kids and for kids like my daughter Sophia, and please pretty please don’t let hurtful comments stop you from doing what you think it’s right. Hugs!

  6. You know that lipstick name was around since May 2011 and you guys are mad about it now. I can see your point about the name.

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