Halo Costume from Goodwill Supplies DIY

Halo Costume from goodwill supplies

This is Carter’s costume that I remarkably got done with some time to spare. Not enough time for this guide to be completely helpful for you before this Halloween, but maybe you can round up all of the supplies before then. It was SUPER easy. Goodwill always has a TON of old sporting goods.  We used baseball leg guards, thigh guards, shin guards on the forearms and elbow guards for the triceps. The chest plate is an old motorcross chest guard. The helmet is an Iron Man helmet, but a motorcycle helmet would have worked, too.

We’re making the gun today. Basically a big nerf gun we’re taping off and painting purple.

Total cost?  $23, including paint.


Halo Costume, could also work for Star Wars storm troopers.
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2 thoughts on “Halo Costume from Goodwill Supplies DIY

  1. I am TOTALLY stealing this for next year! Jarom is old enough that I can’t just buy a costume anymore, plus he want to be something “cool”, which I am not. Woo hoo! Got it in the bag!

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