Age Appropriate Social Skills, Nope. Ducks.

I got the greatest email the other day. In it, a lady told me of being at a park and seeing a teenager with Down syndrome run up to an especially obnoxious badelynge of ducks (I just found that word, it’s the correct word for a group of ducks on the ground. If you get nothing from my blog today, you have at the very least, learned a really cool new word) screamed “QUACK!!!” and then gave the ducks the bird.  Yes, folks, he flipped them off.

I laughed and laughed. That’s kind of what teenagers do, right?

So I was going to go on here about how sometimes the very things we don’t want our kids to be doing are the very things that they’re typical peers are doing but uh…. I found a ducks giving advice and well…

badelynge of advice ducks


downloadI didn’t say it was going to be good advice. Actually, this meme’s name is Malicious Mallard. You can google it. There’s a good advice duck, too. But that seems a bit shady as well.


I have so much more I want to say to you all, but I have now found a whole set of pictures of famous people and even Disney Princesses that have Nicolas Cage’s face on them. I MEAN I HAVE TO GO BE A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY.


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