We did it. We drove five hundred million miles and are in this new place I think we’ll be calling home.

I think.

It’s getting hard to feel like we will ever be settled. Lance did a great job picking out the house. It will… work… for now. Anything was going to be an adjustment after living in a fantasy land in a gigantic home on it’s own acre of land. In this house, well, I could jump from my rooftop to the neighbor’s without much effort. I might try it.

I will write about our whole trip. The fun we had. Add pictures and all of that stuff. For now though, I’m just checking in. I’m a crazy mix of emotions. Mostly just tired. We stopped by our old Port Orchard neighborhood yesterday and saw most of our neighbors. That was SO HARD. I didn’t realize how much it was going to suck to not go HOME to our house, our friends, etc. It’s like starting all over again. Casey cried and said, “It’s just like the good ol’ days!” And then we all cried.

For now, I have a ton of boxes that need to be unpacked and nowhere to put anything because we gave away most of our furniture before we moved. We cleaned out part of our storage shed here that held all of the stuff we didn’t want to take us on our original trip to DC. Holy hell I kept some stupid stuff. Seriously. Boxes and boxes of ugly dumb stuff I will eventually just hide in our crawl space here…which actually is HUGE. That’s exciting to me. A veritable graveyard of projects that I will never finish. Like a warped time capsule museum type thing. I will name it “ADHD.”

I still have no cat.

I miss you guys.

That is all.

10 thoughts on “Home?

  1. Miss you too! Thanks for checking in and keeping us in the loop. Also, please refrain from rooftop jumping, no matter how enticing it may seem.

    Be well.

    Be gentle on yourself.

    You’ll find a new normal again.

  2. I have the weirdest stuff that has followed me around for 13 moves. A pen from a friends law firm he started 15 years ago…but can’t find people’s shot records and papers for school. I feel you on this one.

  3. Moving always feels weird… you have that uneasy feeling that you’re visiting someplace and the visit just keeps on going and going and going! I hope you are able to settle in and feel comfortable soon!

  4. It’s great to have “good old days,” and it’s wonderful to be young enough to make many more of them as you go. Enjoy!

    So glad your drive is over and you’re settling in.

  5. I feel like I can hear the tired in your writing. 😦 Change is hard. Fingers crossed that once a few boxes are unpacked you’ll start feeling more settled! ((hugs))

  6. Good to hear you got there all right! I’m one of your niece’s (Sienna) friends. I absolutely love your blog! So sad that I missed you while you were in town. But oh well, maybe next time you drive by good ol’ Illinois.

  7. I randomly (luckily) ran into the whole Magnusson clan at Dairy Keen last weekend. I was sad you weren’t there for me to say hi to (and Abby and Casey!) Missy tried to get her kids to act excited that I was there (“Look Shelby, it’s Ali!”), but I new they didn’t care. Probably only Leslie cared. But in my mind everyone was super excited to see me.

  8. We just moved 1,600 miles! From upstate NY to Dallas, TX. We don’t know a soul, I’ve never even been here before. Did it for my husband. Left my family back home where my husband & i were born & raised… I’m still attached by the umbilical cord…. Hurts. 😥

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