My supertalent is eating my words. Which is super duper great because I have to eat my words all of the damn time. I have love handles from words eaten.

Last week I wrote a post about how awesome I am because my boys don’t whine. I clicked post and Karma was all “Ahahahahahah! She didn’t, did she?! Oh my gosh she did! GET HER!” Immediately my boys began to whine and have not stopped since.

I deserved that.

It’s tempting for me to see what else I can jinx. I talked to my Jinxism mentor, Greta the Amazing, the other night. I told her that I should say that I’m really awesome at being poor so I could get Jinxed and be rich. She’s very wise and came back with, “No. You would have to say “I’m so happy I’m poor.” Any word that indicates a positive emotion of peace and joy is your ticket. Especially when it comes to your children. In your sentence “I’m really great at being poor” will end up at you not being great at being poor. Thus, you will STILL be poor and completely suck at it. You’re welcome.”

I’m really happy I’m poor. I’m really happy I’m poor. I’m really happy I’m poor.

8 thoughts on “Jinx.

  1. Bwahahahahahaha! Um, I’m laughing *with* you. I swear. Also? That stupid jinx applies to mothers who start to brag that their kid is sleeping better. Not that I know about that or anything. 😉

  2. I really love being overweight. I mean, i wish i could pack on MORE pounds, because it is the BEST feeling EVER to not fit into those skinny fashions. THE. BEST.

    (in case Karma is reading the comments too…)

  3. I wanna play too… I love listening to my kids argue and fight, I hope they keep it up until they move away from home, I also adore getting woken up 2 or 3 times every night by my 2 yr old, there’s nothing like that special 2 am time between us.

  4. New and delurking. Found your blog through another special needs mommy. I too have a son (6) with autism and a daughter (8wks) with DS. Thank you for sharing your experiences with your children and the challenge of just trying to survive it all day to day. It’s one thing to know you’re not the only one on this journey, but another to read about the trials and victories of those who have already been there, done that, and to perhaps get a glimpse of what’s to come. Thank you.
    And yes you completely jinxed yourself! That Karma sure can be a bitch….

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