Help me out.

I’m writing a book. I’ve got a bunch of stories done, and of course will use some of the stuff from this blog, but I’m having a tough time deciding on an overall “theme” for the book. I need your help.

If you were going to read a book by me, what would you want to read about? What interests you about me, my life or my views that you would WANT to read? I don’t just want to do a memoir, mostly because I’m too young for that. Right? I want it to be a brutally honest book about special needs, loss, family and blah blah blah, but I need an angle.  I also want it to be funny. In parts. So, like this blog, but in a book. But this blog is such a mess of different subjects, I’m having a tough time nailing it down into some sort of readable form.

Thoughts? Seriously. Help me. Please.

Don’t want to help me? Feel free to troll. Make me laugh. I don’t care.

Don’t want to help me or troll? Why are you even here? FINE. Here’s a picture of me as a narwhal. By Paul. You can find his ART at https://www.facebook.com/dailynarwhal.

Stolen from: https://www.facebook.com/dailynarwhal
Stolen from: https://www.facebook.com/dailynarwhal

11 thoughts on “Help me out.

  1. If I were to read a book by you I would want it to be basically your blog. Your ups and downs but on a more personal level. I know you get very personal anyways, but if it’s possible to dig deeper do it! The reason I love your blog in the first place is because I can relate to you 100%. As for a theme? I don’t know if I can help you. What point do you want to get across? What do you want us to feel after reading it? I’m thrilled that you’re taking this on, I eat up every word you write so thank you!

  2. I’m a new reader here (found your blog about a month ago). I like the posts about your everyday life, the “normal” days where you write about taking the kids to school, etc. and I like when you write about the cute/funny things your daughter does. Thanks for writing!

  3. Lexi, you are not too young to write a memoir. A memoir focuses on a life event, not on your life as a whole. So if you write a memoir, the main thing is, what is your memoir about? You wouldn’t say, “a memoir about my life” that is an autobiography, and yes, you are probably too young for that. But you can write a memoir about having kids with special needs, or dealing with anxiety, or your first year as a mom. Hope that helps!

  4. The narwhal picture should be the cover of the book.
    If you printed your entire blog, had it bound and put it up for sale – I would buy it. So just do that!
    Just please don’t forget the picture!

  5. A memoir can be limited to your life as a parent, it doesn’t have to be an autobiography, because yes, you are too young.

    Put the titles of your stories on index cards, throw them on the floor and see how they land.
    Or really, play around with the different ways they relate, by theme, lesson learned, funny moment, time period, etc.
    Pick out those things that really make your perspective different than every other special needs parent and focus on those.
    Intersperse the funny ones with the touching ones.
    Include the selfy pic that captures your hubby in that towel, because that one is hi-larious.

    PS I work for an author helping her to write a book right now, and have worked a lot to help her outline, organize themes, write a book proposal that landed her a book contract and etc etc so if you need any other specific ideas or feedback, I’d love to help!

  6. The theme should be humorous take on your family life. That is what keeps me reading your blog.

  7. You telling it like it is. Funny because it’s true. Self deprecating and serious strength. You are in the trenches. You share hope, but also real heartbreak. You definitely could write a ‘memoir’…like others have said it wouldn’t be a full ‘autobiography’…you still have many hilarious years to live!

    I concur that you should have that photo of your husband in the towel in the book. That was so funny and like I said before, so real. What a good sport he is;).

    A book about how you’re living, making it all work somehow, someway…with your sense of humor, wit and and love for your family. That sounds kind of corny. But it totally would not be corny.

    Just do it. I would buy it.

    PS I don’t think I have ever commented before. I just found your blog recently. I have an eleven year old son with aspergers and anxiety disorder. I’ve been so consumed with trying to get my kid to go to school these days that I haven’t had time (or the mental energy) to comment on blogs. But I love your blog & your voice. Enough that I want to cheer you on to write that book. Well, that and tomorrow is the last day of school around here so I guess I’m feeling slightly less overwhelmed with the school refusal issue! Now onto the summer program ‘refusal’ issue, but that starts in 2 weeks so that is future Julie’s problem;).

    Anyway, you are a total bad ass.

  8. Ideas that come to mind are:

    Yo, God! It’s me, Lexi.

    Wondering How vs. How Wonderful

    You Wonder How I Do It? So do I.

    I’m Definitely Funny, So If You’re Not Laughing It’s All On You

    Feet Moving, Eyes Ahead & Putting Out Fires As I Go

    Lexi’s Amazing Adventures of Motherhood

    My Kids Are My Life

  9. Please just be honest. I’m tired of reading books about how some magical approach will cure my kid of autism or how amazing it is to have a special needs child…ALL THE TIME. It is special and some approaches work better than others for improving skills but, damn it, I’m tired of reading all that covered in sugar. I like your honesty and your humor. I’d buy a whole book of that!

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