Photolance- the Selfie Sequence

Kay, so there have been several people who have asked me if this picture happened:

Abby's selfie...something went horribly right.
Abby taking selfies… something went horribly right.

I get it. It seemed just too perfect to be real. Also, I have a history of making crap up…hence the name of this blog. But for once in my life, this really happened just as I said. Here’s the sequence of photos (IN ORDER). I love her reaction to Lance shutting the door.

Daddy photobomb during selfie

You’re welcome.

24 thoughts on “Photolance- the Selfie Sequence

  1. Opened this blog and positively laughed out loud – LOUDLY! That kid is the bomb. The cutest bomb, ever!

    1. I kid you not. I called Lance at work and said, “Hey check out my post. If you don’t like it I’ll take it down.” Then I waited excitedly as he pulled it up. I was hoping he’d say something like “I’m really not comfortable with this…” so I could scream into the phone, “Well then BUY ME A CAT!” and then hang up.

      But hanging up on someone has lost all its fun because you can’t slam the phone down. It breaks.

      He actually just said, “heh. cool.”

  2. Prepare for an onslaught of visitors because I’m sure I’m not the first from pinterest. Your daughter is ADORABLE (and as a fellow mom it’s hard to admit someone else’s kid is cuter than mine). This sequence cracks me up. Lovely personality, and such a smart girl to be having fun with the camera!

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