Clean floors and dirty children.

This morning I spent an hour and a half scrubbing the yuck off of the floors while Abby played at my side. When my boys get home, they will surely stomp big, muddy footprints before I get a chance to tackle them down and yank off their shoes. There are three of them. They come in from different directions, almost as if they’ve made a pact to make it impossible to keep the floors they didn’t even know I would be cleaning, clean. For this minute though, I’m proud of my shiny floors and clean baseboards. That feeling is soon replaced with, “Yup, being an adult sucks! No one should have the best part of their day be the five minutes their floors are clean.”

And that’s why it won’t be. It’s why I don’t try to keep my floors always sparkling clean but do look forward to the need to have to tackle my kids down, to hear the squeal of their laughter as I ferociously tickle them before I yank their shoes off.  “THIS HOUSE WAS CLEAN!” I will yell sarcastically as they run off in three different directions, still tripping over laundry undone and toys left out.

We’ll run. We’ll giggle. We’ll run.  Eventually we’ll tire out, I’ll be left on the ground, body aching as I reach for my phone to check my email. My boys will move to the computers, Ipads or to friends’ houses.

My kids won’t remember clean floors. Mostly because they’re so rare. I hope they won’t remember my love for my iphone or the times I really did get angry with them for ruining the work I’ve done. More than anything though, I hope they’ll remember that cold chill of fear as their mother pounced on them like a rabid monkey, not really sure if this was the moment she really snapped, or just another time where tackles and tickles are just the best part of growing up.

That little bit of uncertainty goes a long way.


That's not my child. (that’s not my child. But I’m happy to teach you my methods for an outrageous fee)

16 thoughts on “Clean floors and dirty children.

  1. I have no idea why I even clean my floors, the second I do someone pees on the floor or knocks an entire cup of milk. So I don’t think my kids will remember my “clean” floors either.

  2. If you have a single child you will have to struggle with your floor !! I know about your determination about the cleaning but child will not be stop himself !! due to which such kind of problem is standing in front of us !!!

  3. I think you are really dedicated guy about your child !!!If you have a child then you will have to active about your floor !! They always make dirty but you should not feel angry on them !! And you got 100% marks about that !! Thanks for nice sharing !!

  4. If you want to maintain your floor with clean !! There is need to suggest your children with cool mood !! Since childhood there nature to always go negative due to which they were doing like that always suggest them I am sure they will get better result !!

  5. This is an amazing article.I really like it because for a good health the house floor must be clear.If you want to keep your floor very clean you must aware for your children that he/she did not do the floor dirty.I agree with your article.Thanks for this wonderful article!!

  6. Obviously it is our duty to care for our children and you are doing it very well. You are also motivating to others that is really great work. I really like you post!!

  7. If you want to clean your floor there is need to be care it from your side because children haven’t knowledge about it!!! You may take that carpet which is dark it will not be too much dirty !! Thanks

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