Sponsored: Transformers PRIME Beast Hunters!

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

I gTransformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxrew up with three brothers. I now have three sons. I know ALL about Transformers. My brothers loved them almost as much as my kids do, which is why I was so excited for my boys to try out the new Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Delux, made by Hasbro.  We got our Transformer in the mail and, after a brief but awesome wrestling match, Casey came out the victor, and the badass toy was now his.

Fortunately for the other boys, the Transformers Website has some pretty awesome stuff for them to do while they waited for their turn.

…Their turn to cry. Transformers are uniquely frustrating in that once you get them to “transform” one can never get them back to whatever else they were supposed to be. My son cried. I growled…HARD…my husband eventually threw it against a brick wall in frustration. And you know what happened? Nothing. Those are some strong mothereffers. It didn’t break! So we tried it again. Nope. No breaking. So, while we couldn’t get the piece of shit back into the form of whatever it was supposed to be in the first place, we now have a “frustration toy” that we can throw against brick walls without having to worry about having to pick up the pieces. And that, my friends, is worth the $14.99 to $19.99 you would actually have to pay for these if you weren’t just sent them like me.

Want to know more? You can buy these awesome toys at the retail website here. You can check out the @HasbroNews Twitter account, or the Transformers Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and Hasbro partnered in support of this campaign. Hasbro will still hopefully be compensating me for this campaign. We’ll see. Due to FTC regulations, while this post is sponsored, the opinions are in fact mine.

4 thoughts on “Sponsored: Transformers PRIME Beast Hunters!

  1. i remember when transformers the movie came out and only one kid from my class saw it. he came back the next day ranting about how spike said shit and optimus died. we branded him a liar. then i saw the movie for myself. i was in complete disbelief. spike did say shit and optimus did indeed die along with a bunch of other autobots and decepticons. ill never forget how crazy and wierd it felt to see all those characters die in such a violent way. i mean they always got shot in the cartoon and lived but now they got blasted with one hit. still kinda bugs me out to this day. the transformers cartoons of today would never have something so emotional like that happen in them. granted the g1 stuff was a vehicle (no pun intended) for selling toys but the stories they told were action packed and damn good. these transformers cartoons of today really are just half hour commercials. theres no substance to them whatsoever. im so glad i grew up in the glorious 80s.

  2. OMG you are so funny! I always wondered what happens if you try a product for a sponsored blog post that you actually hate. Now I know. Thanks!

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