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You’re Welcome.

I’ve had this gift for you. The most amazing gift. I’ve spent days trying to figure out how to best wrap that gift in the form of words in a post. The truth is, no wrapping would ever do this gift justice. So, presented with out comment:

Abby's selfie...something went horribly right.
Abby taking selfies… something went horribly right.

Feel free to leave your comments though…

You’re welcome.

40 thoughts on “You’re Welcome.

  1. Not sure i can decide whether I prefer the towel or the tongue?? Nope tongue wins although an inch lower and the towel would have won!!

  2. omg, omg, OMG – remember that one site… the one with all the selfies? i think one of the rules was: ‘don’t take a selfie with your children in the pic’? this image – THIS PRICELESS IMAGE, can open an entire new category of goodness! i love this!!

  3. That is one really good sport you have there! Abby, I really thought it would be impossible to more awesome than you already are, but you managed it 🙂

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