I love Autism Awareness Month!

Oh my gosh you guys, happy Autism Awareness Month! Have you been counting down? I made a paper chain on May 1 of last year. I get giddy. I buy all of the Autism Speaks paraphernalia and bright blue clothing and then LIGHT IT ON FIRE! I take Casey everywhere I go and say, “THIS IS AUTISM! BE AWARE!”  But then people think I’m saying “beware” and the message is lost in my poor pronunciation.

Anyways, Autism Awareness Month is just the best. It’s the magical time of year where the whole entire autism community comes together with one clear message of hope and acceptance. The squabbles of vaccines vs you’re-poisoning-your-child-to-death,  ABA vs ABA is abuse, Parents vs Autistics, etc  ALL go away. Because during this month, all we care about is people being aware of autism. Because they’re not. No one has even heard of it.

Except, it’s none of those things.It’s a month that usually just ends up frustrating all involved. The divides grow, the anger mounts, the attacks are made on all sides. Some of the autistic adults will be mad that we’re still calling it “Autism Awareness” month instead of “Autism Acceptance Month” but miss the irony when they refuse to accept the parents of autistic children as a valid voice in the community. The parents, like me, will miss the message of the adults because we have a hard time getting past what we feel is their anger towards us. The anti-vaccine groups will lobby hard for more money to be thrown down the Research Pit and get mad when we beg that those dollars be better used to help pay for programs to help people with autism.  See? I just did it right there! I can’t even get through an effing post without preaching MY views on how this month should go.

I suck.

But so does everyone else. So happy Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month!

I think I might give up even before it starts.

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Autism Awareness Month is AWESOME!
Because whatever I put will offend someone anyways



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