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So today I decided I wanted to take a picture of me in my favorite “Ski Kansas” shirt that my friend Lizbeth from Four Sea Stars sent to me. Kind of to make fun of how much snow they’re getting, but also because today was one of those rare, rare days a year that I have makeup on AND my hair done. I’m practicing being a raging narcissist. So I stood in the sunlight, angled the camera the best I could to make it look as though I sport only ONE chin and WHAM I get hit by the force of a rabid seven year old boy.

It actually was a seven year old boy. Whether or not he’s rabid is not yet confirmed. Peyton has been doing this super magical thing where he carries our step stool around, sneaks up behind me and in one swift motion, puts the stool down and POUNCES. This time, he got higher than usual and started to wriggle his way up to my shoulders. So I just kept taking pictures.

Selfie Bomb

In the last picture, we learn the most important thing in taking a self portrait- have your back up against the wall so as not to be pounced on by your child.  You could also stand to make sure you don’t have a gigantic chinzit, but whatever.  Cool shirt though, right?

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