Snow Fun, Nemo Style

Rhode Island, you’re something. A massive hurricane then a record breaking snowstorm? We really have had quite the time in our short 5 months here. This last storm, named “Nemo” by some bored meteorologists and solely for the purpose of making broadcasters feel funny,  was AWESOME. The winds where we are sounded as hard as they did during the hurricane, but fortunately, we never lost power. The next day after the storm had dumped two feet of snow on us was sunny, and the kids spent it outside sledding…and…jumping off our second story balcony.

The video is only 8 seconds.  It’s Peyton, my seven year old. This was his idea. I tried it out first and jacked up my ankle. I blamed my weight, and let them have at it. Because that makes me almost a good mom, right?

Then, yesterday, I took Peyton and Carter snowboarding at the little resort right by our house, Yawgoo Valley. It started out like this:

Carter in the snow

And this:

Peyton Snowboarding

So I traded out their snowboards for skis and they ended up like this:

Happy skiers

Just kidding. They were totally faking. I said if they didn’t smile, they’d both have to pay me back for the trip.

After three hours and me NOT SHAKING PEYTON AT ALL (I really didn’t. I wanted to. Really bad. That’s why I mention that I didn’t. I OVERCAME.)  Peyton decided to call it quits. So I had Lance come get him.

Then Carter and I were all:

Happy on the lift

I like the snow. Surprisingly so. I love it, even. And, despite its best efforts, Rhode Island is really growing on me.

2 thoughts on “Snow Fun, Nemo Style

  1. I prefer more pontification in my mostlytruestuff blog posts. Could you reply with a couple buzzwords or something?

    Looks fun. I have to take Emma skiing or boarding. She wants to learn.

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