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You’re probably not here for the beer…

If  you’re here to debate cake or Jenny McCarthy, here are some helpful links:


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If you’re here because you love me, let’s talk about building an eco-friendly shrine in the comments.

13 thoughts on “You’re probably not here for the beer…

  1. One of my new guilty pleasures is reading all the crazy blogging drama lately. It’s fasinating, educational and highly entertaining! This is your week and I think last week was Jim’s, I really can’t wait to see what it’s about next week. It’s also like a puzzle to try and find the different people it spreads to, I wonder if they have a vaccine for that??? Anyway, I think your terrific and would love to visit the shrine of Lexi!

  2. Shrine? Ok. But does it have to be beer? I’m not a big fan. Despite being Irish I’d rather have whiskey! Whiskey goes good with cake. 🙂

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