Goodbye Blogger!

I’m not leaving blogging. Yet. I am leaving Blogger though. This weekend my blog is being transferred to WordPress. I was going to do it myself, but I’m entirely too scared to lose the work I have here. So I’m having Jellyfish Web Services do it for me. If you’re looking to transfer your blog, hit them up.


I will not be posting at all this weekend so make sure to hit me up on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mostlytruestuff. If you haven’t added me to your “interests” list yet, you’re going to miss such amazing posts as this:

(To add me, when you get to my page, hover your mouse over the “like” button, a thingee will pop up, click on “add to interests”)

ALSO- Autism Shines the BLOG is now up and running. Go see all of the beautiful faces! The Facebook page is now over 5,700 likes! We had a fantastic write up by Josyln Grey of Stark Raving Mad Mommy on Babble (my bloggy IDOL…I even chatted with her this week a couple of times and felt so. bad. ass. And then my husband made fun of me.).

Click on the picture below to go see!

Photo Credit: http://www.babble.com, used with permission

So…that’s it. For now. See you on the other side or whatever.

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