Autism and Violence.

I’m guest posting at Childswork Childsplay today.  I had my husband look over it to make sure it made sense.  He said, “Do you think that saying the (Connecticut) shooter’s Autism really makes people think Casey is dangerous?” Then I saw this:

A status update from someone who is obviously quite ignorant. I get that. But it still hurt. It still solidified everything I felt I needed to say in today’s post.

I wanted to write to this lady. I wanted to tell her what I thought of her hate. I wanted to write all the people who have started hateful Facebook Pages targeted at people that share my son’s diagnosis.  I couldn’t. It hurt too much.

My friend Jill Smo at Yeah, Good Times did a fabulous job addressing this Elisabeth. I’m grateful that she could articulate the things I was too angry to say.

I’m asking for your help to spread real autism awareness during this time. Please read my post at Childswork. If you feel like it, please share it. There are a couple of other people who are working on other projects along this line. When I get a list together, I’ll let you know other ways you can help. Thank you so much.


4 thoughts on “Autism and Violence.

  1. I think that shows this persons ignorance. Seems to me this person's cousin has missed their calling. They obviously are there only for the paycheck. How very sad for those students. As a teacher, I see things differently. I have the privilege to work with children, all of them. Some of them with Autism, some with Down Syndrome, some with ADHD. At times any one of them can have a difficult day and just meltdown, even those without labels. School should be a safe place, where this can happen and they are still loved and appreciated. God made each of us unique and we should accept people for their differences. Autism didn't do this, somehow this young person's heart was miss guided. Hopefully as a society we will figure out it takes a village to raise peaceful, responsible adults. Sounds like she's the one that needs to locked up! I found your blog looking for others dealing with Down Syndrome as a parent. My little Lucy is almost 8 months and she was also diagnosed at birth, she is a gem!

  2. Wow! It seems to me this person is beyond ignorant. Their attitude is what hurts this world. Thanks again for sharing your heart. I believe the more you share the more people will understand autism a but more.

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