Scentsy Champion Warmer and GIVEAWAY

Earlier this month I was asked to just TRY a Scentsy Champion Warmer, and if I liked it, I could do a review and giveaway here. I’m not a huge candle user, to be honest, because open flames with my boys are an invitation to losing all of my worldly possessions in a grizzly house fire. Also, Casey is SUPER sensitive to smells, and usually any sort of fragrant candles make him gag.

I got my Scentsy in the mail shortly after and easily assembled it. It doesn’t use open flames, so our house will escape that end. For now. Within in minutes, the smell of boys and feet and diapers quickly melted away to the small of cinnamon bears (they have that, yo!). It was delightful. And, the biggest surprise here, Casey LOVES all of the smells. They aren’t terribly strong, and none of them smell like Retirement Home Lady, so it was a total success.

But it gets better.

Twice a year, Scentsy chooses a charity to honor and support through sales of a specially designed product. The Champion Warmer was introduced in the Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog to raise money for the Special Olympics.  Scentsy will donate $8 from the sale of each Champion Warmer to the Special Olympics to support their mission to help millions of children and adults with disabilities realize their dreams of becoming champions. 
My kids will benefit from these donations. That’s HUGE. I love the Special Olympics. They are a remarkable organization and totally worthy of your support. I’m grateful to Scentsy for choosing them.These warmers are beautiful. They make a great gift, too! To find a Scentsy consultant near you click here.

For one lucky reader, Scentsy will send you your own Champion Warmer and your choice of 3 bars (a $50 value!).

*The opinions in this review are MINE. Scentsy gave me the warmer to try, and if I liked it, they said I could give one away. That is all, suckas. Everything else here I did because I like the company and what they are doing for the Special Olympics.  

31 thoughts on “Scentsy Champion Warmer and GIVEAWAY

  1. I love Scentsy too! I have had a couple of Scentsy parties for the free stuff. It's really worth it. I'm glad you like your Scentsy burner-I was given my first burner from a friend who has a special needs child. Her enthusiasm for them was contagious-she was excited to have something that smelled so good that didn't have an open flame. If strong smells make your son gag there are some to definitely stay away from, like the Clove and Cinnamon (that one gives my mom and I headaches.Have a great contest!

  2. I LOVE that it doesn't have an open flame. Can't have that with my wild child! LOL. I LOVE that they are supporting Special Olympics with this. And **no** eau de "rteirement home lady" is a HUGE plus! LOL

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