What I Really Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday.  My house is quiet (Abby doesn’t wake up until 9 these days, bless her heart), I have some time alone. Time I could use to soak in a nice hot bath, washing away the stress of the morning, cleansing myself from the angst of these last couple of days.

Or just cleaning myself.

But I hate the whole process. I don’t mind actually being IN the tub, it’s just…getting naked in front of a mirror….the back is freezing when I go to lay back on it, etc. The same with the shower. It’s too cold until it’s too hot. The water pressure is non existent, so I leave feeling more like a wet dog than I clean human.

Getting out though, the absolute worst. I spent my teenage years living in my mother’s basement in Utah. It was RIDICULOUSLY cold down there. I’d get out of the shower, throw my clothes on as fast as I could and jump back in bed until the shivering stopped.   It do it even now, just out of habit. Lance and I shower together most of the times I shower. (Because we care about the planet and want to conserve water. Which is also why I don’t shower every day. I care too much.) When I’m done showering, I’ll start into my ritual, and Lance will meander behind me, towel drying me as I struggle to get my sweatpants up over legs that I had forgotten to shave (usually just one of them) that are still dripping wet.

My hair takes three days to air dry.

So the whole process is doomed from the start. Sure I get clean, but at what cost?  When I do shower and actually DO my hair (it’s called Sundays) and makeup, I feel like I deserve some grand reward. I trophy. Or at least a shirt that said I actually showered. The irony of the shirt though? I’d probably wear it until I showered again…days…

I have the third installment of my son’s IEP meeting today. So I have to at least NOT stink. But don’t worry about me, I will not go gently into that good shower. I’m throwing an internal fit of epic proportions.

Can you see it in my eyes? There’s a lot of pain there. I do not want to do this today. But I will. I will shower.

Link up what you wore today. Or just link your blogs so I can read them. And so others can read them. I don’t really care. If you want to link Instagram pictures you can copy the link from Statigram.com or just use the link that comes up when you share your Instagram picture on Twitter.  You can also use the hashtag #WIRWW.   You can win this fantastic shirt:

A winner will be chosen from the #’s on Instagram and from the links below. You get one entry for each.

14 thoughts on “What I Really Wore Wednesday

  1. The days I shower are reward worthy too. So today is a reward day! I figure the folks at my daughter's preschool library time deserve for me to come clean and odor free. My hair will be wet, but I will be CLEAN!

  2. Um, mine is actually what I wore a few Wednesdays ago for Halloween. Really, it's like what I didn't wear. Really, I'm not even sure why I'm linking up. I haven't washed my hair in a couple days though so maybe I'll fit in.

  3. Loved this! I feel the same way! I hate to bath. How 'bout cause I hate the whole laying down and washing my hair is a mess. And yet people think bubble bath is the ultimate gift. No thanks. Then my flippin hair is all soapy? How do people so it? And a tip, I always take a small heater into the bathroom and crank it up so when I get out of the shower I don't die! And as for what I am wearing…a "get a life" mario brothers night shirt with grey jammie pants. I would get a pic and post it to my blog but people I work with read it. And frankly, I am NOT putting my bra back on. 😉

  4. I hate to be wet! I hate to get out of the shower and dry off and moisturize and put product in my hair and style it! Oy! Don't even mention make-up – I'm so over it but need it more than ever!

  5. I have some advice- -you'll probably hate the thought, but it really works! Before you get out of your warm shower, turn the hot water completely off and let the freezing cold water hit your skin for just a SPLIT second! You'll hate it in the moment, but when you get out of your shower the air will feel warm and it won't be as miserable. Horrible sounding, I know, but it works!! p.s. I shower ever 4 days. I don't judge dirty people.

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