My Thanks to the Spouses of Our Troops

It’s Veteran’s day. Every year, Facebook and Twitter light up with the “Thank You’s” to our Troops. This is absolutely wonderful and necessary and never, ever enough. There aren’t enough words that we civilians can say to adequately express our gratitude. And I know firsthand that we aren’t doing enough for the troops while they are gone, and after they get home. Being in DC for a year showed this to me. I’m grateful for organizations like the USO and Remind.org that work SO HARD to make things better for the people we owe our very freedom to. 

What is missing from a lot of the hoopla that goes on for Veteran’s Day is the spouses. I’ve been with close friends as their husband’s have deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and unknown locations in the sea. I’ve watched as other friends weather the storms- literally- of hurricanes and other disasters alone because they’re husbands are called up with the National Guard.

These are men and women just like you and me. They have the same hardships in their lives as you and me in addition to having to go at it on their own while their spouses are gone. It’s not like life gives them a “pass” because their husbands and wives are in the military. I’ve watched friends put their children on life flights while their husbands were in Iraq. Or mother’s who child gets diagnosed with cancer while their husband is deployed. The people in groups like Military Special Needs have my admiration, my respect, and my prayers. I honestly don’t know how they do it.

I’m thinking about these people today. I’m thinking about them as they attend school conferences, soccer games and church on their own.  I’m thinking about them as they deal with wounds, both seen and unseen, when they’re loved ones return. I am grateful for the sacrifice they make each and every day so that I can be safe. So that I can enjoy the freedoms of this great country.

Thank you to our military, you truly are my heroes. Thank you to your spouses, who are, in my opinion, every bit as tough and even heroic as you. You have my gratitude, my prayers, and my support.

3 thoughts on “My Thanks to the Spouses of Our Troops

  1. I would be quick to lump myself into the category of people you are talking about, but seeing as how we are the only family of all my friends thus far that hasn't gone through a deployment yet, I can't complain too much. We've done 1 month or 2 month seperations for trainings, etc., but not 6 months (and not one freaking YEAR like my neighbor at LA AFB did with her husband). However, having seen all my friends go through it first has been a great comfort to me because I've been able to see that the time DID pass, they DID get through it, and when our turn comes after his schooling here (just don't know when), I will put on my big girl panties and get through it. One advantage to all the seperation though is the blessing of perspective. When my non-military friends are losing it over being alone for a week b/c of spouse business trip or something, I can actually find some of the small benefits (is that the right word?) of being on my own for a week knowing it's not that long at all (I can totally wrap my head around a week): don't have to clean my crafting messes, can be as messy as I'd like and no other adult is there to judge;), who cares if me and the kids eat random stuff for a week – I ain't cooking a big meal for just one adult, one toddler, and one incredibly picky 6 year old (looking at you Grant), and sole possession of the remote control. But we are happy when he comes back of course!

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