Peyton is amazing.

 Peyton has got a crazy imagination. Makes him an easy target to mess with. So the other night I told Peyton that he had fire coming out of his eyes.
Instead of being freaked out about having FIRE COMING FROM HIS EYES the kid immediately furrowed his eyebrows and strained. I asked him what he was doing and he grunts,

“Trying. To. Shoot. FIRE. AT. YOU!”

He also does this fantastic thing where he sneaks up on me and throws the shirt that he’s wearing over my head.

At Michael’s the other day, Peyton had to use the restroom.  I took him to the back, let him in the bathroom, and then got distracted and walked away. From almost the front of the store, I hear Peyton singing opera. No joke. I go back there as he’s coming out of the bathroom. “Was THAT you?!” “Yeah, that’s the sound I make when the water is too hot.”

The kid is and always has been my comic relief. He’s crazy. He’s always talking. Always. And usually not to anyone in particular. Or singing. Just now he walked by singing, “I’m going to fart fart fart on Election Day!”  He’s also super classy.

It’s his birthday tomorrow. It’s the one month out of the year I get to say that my boys are 9, 8, and 7. It’s fun for me (sad, the things that are fun for me. Today I picked a GIGANTIC  hard ball out of my nose and wiped it on the mirror to show Lance later. Then I got all sad because I figured it was probably all I had to show for the day) . I love Peyton. He doesn’t ever say he loves me back, but he does attack me in the dark, and that’s the same thing, right?

All he asked for for his birthday was for you to share my blog. And a machete. And a bike. I made up the first thing.

But YOU CAN wish him a happy birthday in the comment section!

12 thoughts on “Peyton is amazing.

  1. Happy Birthday to my awesome nephew! He will always hold a special place for us because of how much he loved Casey (big casey) the first two times he met him. Now it is one of my life goals to make him love me more than Casey. Have a great and happy day P!

  2. Sorry for the belated Bday message!!! Happy Birthday to Peyton from Chandler and Jennifer!!!! I cannot believe he is 7 already!?!? Time sure does fly! Come back to WA soon please!~Love Jennifer and Chandler 🙂

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