A house full of boys.

I made two boxes of Mac N Cheese for the three boys for dinner.  They SUCKED down the Mac N Cheese, and in a line, put their bowls in the sink and then all three went straight again to the fridge.

In less than two minutes.

We go through a GALLON of milk A DAY. 

They are 7, 8 and 9.  Can you imagine what it’s going to be like in a year? In five? Holy hell.

I need a job.

Someone give me a writing job already. Or put your ads on this site. Or something. I’ve got to feed these boys (and the girl, too…).

Think about the children!

8 thoughts on “A house full of boys.

  1. Lexi stuff out of the box won't fill em up. If you can make it from scratch (I have a super easy recipe) they might actually last five minutes before they go to the fridge!Good luck.

  2. Someone should give you a writing job! If ever I have enough extra work to pay you to do some I totally will(I'm just starting out building websites). You could do freelance writing jobs. There are some online classes you can take (for free) in your spare time (you know like when all those other people in the world sleep…). Once you've taken a few classes, you can post articles to a site to be "bought" and credited to you. From there- if someone really likes your writing style/articles– they can contact you and hire you to write. It's an option– there is definitly a market for quality writing.

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