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My Open Letter To Ann Coulter

I wanted to write you a well thought out letter about how the words we choose define us. I can’t do that right now, Ann. Because yet again, the word you have chosen to use to gain yourself some more momentary publicity have mad me so angry that I can’t hear myself think over the sound of the blood pulsing in my ears.

ann coultor tweet

Everyone knows that you live for this sort of crap. You LOVE saying the worst things you can think of because you live for attention, even if it’s mobs with pitchforks. You are so deluded to the fact that most of America thinks you’re probably more dragon than human. It makes me fearful for my children that ANYONE in our society listens to you.  At this point, this “tweet” has been retweeted 2,000 or so times. 2,000 people thought it was okay to share something so hideous with their followers, too.

When you use the word “Retard” you are KNOWINGLY (and I know you know very well what you are doing because you’ve said it before, and you’ve had the backlash before) offending a group of people that has done nothing to you. A group of people, most of whom, cannont speak for themselves.  You are the true definition of a bully. You pick on people you think are less than you because it makes you feel better about yourself. What a sad person you must truly be.

This is my son Casey and my daughter Abby.  Casey has autism.  Abby has Down syndrome.

You use a word that keeps me up at night. A word that has been used to describe each of my beautiful children. A word that holds more hurt in it than any other word you could have chosen. And, let’s be honest here, you wanted to call him the ‘N’ word, you just couldn’t…it’s where we’re hoping to get with the R word. It’s hateful. It’s degrading. It’s wrong. And anyone who uses it deserves much worse than to be boycotted, but I can’t advocate for violence (outloud).

Take it back, Ann. Say you were wrong. Stop being a bully and try for once to be a human being.  These are real people you are hurting.



And for those of you who agree with me, I hope that you’ll stop watching television shows and networks that allow her on. She’s not worth her space in this world, even though she’s just a shade above skeleton, let alone any time spent in our homes. Send her a message.

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19 thoughts on “My Open Letter To Ann Coulter

  1. Love your letter, unfortunately, while I read it, I imagined HER reading it with a smirk on her face and happiness in her heart that she actually HURT you with her words. The only thing that she will get out of your letter is happiness because she knows she angered yet another person. She is completely without a heart.

  2. I don't know who Ann Coulter is but I saw the tweet in my feed last night and was absolutely appalled that ANYONE in a position like her would use such a harmful word like that. I have pushed people to stop using that word (along with the phrase "that's so gay" and the like) but our society is far from where it needs to be. Your children are beautiful. I hope they are never personally affected by bigotry and small mindedness like that which Ann Coulter is presenting!

  3. I hear you with the blood pounding. I was caught this morning between not giving that appalling woman the attention she so desperately craves, and knowing that if I didn't speak out, it would drive me crazy for the rest of the day. Your children are beautiful, so is your post.

  4. She knows everything that you're saying.She just doesn't care. Doing this gets her more publicity, and she gets to say that the people who are calling her on it are "politically correct" and trying to act as "thought police."My son with autism should not be used as her tool to stir controversy, score publicity points, and make money. But she's just that kind of person.A hate-filled person who will say anything to make money.Short of sociopathy, I don't understand how she can stand to look in a mirror or sleep at night.

  5. I love that you pointed out the similarity between this derogatory word and others that have gone before it. Praying we live to see the day when this word is taken as seriously as those others. Great post and beautiful kiddos!!

  6. I'm a flaming conservative and I DESPISE Ann Coulter. She's everything I hate about right wingers. Have a heart! And Sarah Palin is the ultimate hypocrite. Sheesh.

  7. Because it's the closest thing she can feel to having actual love. It is the ONLY thing she feels joy from because it's clear she can't receive or give love unconditionally and she knows this. So she causes pain to make herself feel remotely alive. NO ONE with love, compassion and empathy in their heart and soul would speak or act as she does. Her list of broken relationships show this plainly.

  8. Ann Coulter… I've studied her. She lacks fundamental social skills (e.g., being nice) and she's had to rely on shock value to get her fix of social attention. She'll go away when everyone stops paying attention to her. It's just that she's so darn effective at getting attention!

  9. Your argument is ridiculous. You're claiming to be offended and then go on to specifically reference your autistic son in relation to the word she used, something that Ms Coulter (whom, for the record, I find to be less than relevant for other reason) has not done, nor could she if she wanted to. But by so doing you have provided a decent example of what the real issue here is. Syntax. In which case (as with most), taking offense is a choice. Tragic.

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