The enjoyable relationship between brothers.

This. Is. Casey. Casey loves to tease.

The other day Casey and Peyton were bickering at breakfast. There are few things in this world that Casey loves as much as teasing Peyton.  It’s because teasing Peyton is super gratifying. Anyways, so Casey was singing, “WHOOOO lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!” and Peyton yells, “YOU’RE Spongebob!” and Casey gets right in his face and whispers, “Tell no one!”


Today Casey kissed me and said, “you are alive to me!” and I thought “awwwwww” and then he said, “but Peyton, he’s DEAD TO ME!”


 I come downstairs to the kids wrestling in a pile of laundry. Casey yells, “MOM! Peyton just punched me!” and then Peyton yells, “it’s because you bit me in the butt!” and then Casey yells, “Never mind, Mom, we’re good!”


Casey and Peyton are fighting in the backseat. Casey gets right next to Peyton’s face and whispers, “don’t say A WORD!” Peyton then licked Casey’s eyeball.

7 thoughts on “The enjoyable relationship between brothers.

  1. Ah…I look forward to the days when my boys are able to beat on each other so nicely. Right now, it's my daughter being the bossy one and that's WAY less fun…. siblings are incredibly awesome though. Some of the best moments! I love Casey's directness…

  2. Reminds me when I found out I was having boy #2 and you were telling me how great boys were while Casey was shoving Peyton in the trunk and slamming it on him!

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