17 thoughts on “Vlog. Gross.

  1. oh, and I can TOTALLY give you a run for your money with the facial expressions. HOwever, it's awfully nice to see someone else move their face A HELL OF A LOT!!! dude – how do you stay so wrinkle-free? oh, right.. you are like, 12 years old…sigh.

  2. Disappointed about the lady parts. That would've been somethin'. But the rest? MORE, PLEASE. Best 3 minutes of my day, not counting the brief period around mid-morning where I thought I might have had cheesecake in my fridge.

  3. I know I am late to the party. Have not had time to keep up with my reader… And to my loss. You are perfect. I may very well come back and watch this a whole bunch of times. Totally what I needed!

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