Sell out, with me tonight!


If you thought that I didn’t put ads on this blog because I care about the content and want the focus on the writing and am above that sort of crap you are wrong. You don’t know me at all! 

There are few things I’m above. And one of them is definitely not selling out.

So I’ve added ads again. I need to make some money on this blog so I can switch it over to self hosted and pay for stupid services like a new feed burner.

Oh, that. If you were following me via email or feedburner, you’re not anymore. Fun, huh? So the close to 900 of you would either kindly click the “follow” button at the top left hand corner (the “Follow” gadget won’t show up. HARG) or follow my facebook page. The Facebook page thing kind of sucks because it will only show everyone updates if I pay them.  So, yeah, that’s why. I need to make money so that you jerks can see my stuff because I’m A GIVER.

Anyways, if you’re interested in adspace on my blog, lemme know. Like I said. I’ll sell out. I’ll sell out CHEAP. 

I’m always looking for giveaways and crap, too. Or just send me something nice to review.

You can get a hold of me at mostlytruestuff AT gmail DOT com.


Also. I cut my bangs even thicker this week. I didn’t think it through.  They’re too thick. No one can see my angry eyebrows anymore. I’m 54% less scary.

See what I mean? You no longer fear me.

Or respect me, but I’m sure that was out the window back in May.

I’ve lost the people I FOLLOW through RSS, too. So if you read this, and you have a blog, will you leave the link below? I like blog stalking. I like it so hard. Even if you’re one of the jerks I talk to everyday.

Don’t be shy.

11 thoughts on “Sell out, with me tonight!

  1. Trust me, you are plenty scary. I'm thinking your daughter's passion for poptarts didn't come from her daddy. I still totally think you could shank someone.

  2. I am totally in support of you selling out. If you can get money for writing this blog, do it! That just means more posts for us, right?Also, dig the bangs. Very Jean Shrimpton by way of Kiera Knightley.

  3. cantturnoffthealarm.blogspot.com I don't blog much.. but I love your blog! I always get a really good laugh or cry or get pissed at the people being stupid when I read your blog! You're hilarious!

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