Down syndrome

Abby videos.

My mom visited us this last week. I love having my mom around. It takes me back. I still don’t love her telling me to clean my room though.

She’s a good grandma. I got this video of her and Abby singing a song from my childhood. I wish I had gotten it from an angle where you can see my mom. REGRET.

So cute you want to die, right?

Well hold on. There’s more. Abby LOVES “Yo Gabba Gabba.” If it’s turned up SUPER EFFING LOUD enough for her to hear it, she’ll dance along with it and copy what they do. I love watching her dance. Just a little bit more balance and I’m putting her in a tutu and carting her to dance.

4 thoughts on “Abby videos.

  1. Bah! This is a song my GRANDDAD used to sing with me! I've never met anyone else who knows it. My niece made a minor change to the hand motions though. Now, when we sing "or that hunter will shoot me dead" we put our hands at our hips (like we're ready to draw our guns) and then shoot "Bam bam bam bam!" My boys find it entertaining. Anyway, love the song. Thanks for sharing.

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