This week in amazing posts (editited to add a latecomer)

Maybe it’s because BlogHer was this week. Maybe because there’s something in the air. But this week, the blogger world was FULL of amazing posts. I thought I’d share a couple that I really really loved:

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood: Let Me Clarify
This post is amazing. Go back and read the other posts she lists if you must (they’re a little much for me to take…too flowery and not very realistic to every situation) but you must read Sunday’s words. Discipline isn’t a one size fits all hat. It needs to be tailored to the child, neuro-typical or not. And discipline evolves. What works for your kids now probably won’t work in a couple of years. You need to evolve along with it.

Such a fantastic post, Sunday. You blow me away.

Love to the Max:  Raising a Kid with Special Needs: On Letting Down Your Defenses. 

I have so much to learn from this post. I’m hypersensitive to people. I try to pretend like I’m not. That it doesn’t bother me when people stare or point when Casey is freaking out in public. A lot of times, I just don’t have the time to worry about what people think because I’m too busy chasing my child down.  But when there’s time, it stings a little. I’m always on guard, my claws just waiting to come out at a parent or child who dares crosses Casey.

 I’m hypersensitive to the way people react when I tell them my daughter has Down syndrome. I wait to see what look comes across their faces and I immediately judge them based on that half second reaction.  I scream in my head, “Don’t you dare give me that look of pity! Don’t you dare pity me! I AM FINE! We have a happy life!”

And that’s SO wrong. That’s just as bad as them judging my daughter or son based on their disabilities.  Both of us don’t know better. I don’t know what that person is thinking and I’m sure as I’m screaming at them in my head, the look on my face isn’t much better. It’s the difference between the message I want to give and the message I am giving.  (Thank you Sunday, for posting the link…)

Stimeyland: Coming Out Autistic

The writer of this blog is one of my most favorite humans. I only know her online, but we get to “talk” often. She’s hilarious. She’s honest. She’s beautiful. She’s autistic. I’ve learned more about my son from people who have autism themselves than from any number of books on the subject itself.

This post is helping me to see that Casey is great because of  his autism.  He’s an amazing kid.

It also showed me that I just need to be myself. I need to stop hiding the way I feel or who I am for fear of people’s judgement.

Jen Hatmaker: In the Basement
I hope that after she wrote this post she threw her arms up in a “V” and walked around her house like an effing champion for the rest of the week. There was so much I wanted to say about the Chick Fil A thing, but I was just too angry to say it. Too mad at BOTH sides that took something and made it an angry, hate-filled, shouting match. All messages were lost. It just made me so sad. This post was AMAZING and completely summed up how I felt about the whole thing.

There were SO MANY more awesome posts this week, I’m sure. I was crazy busy trying to get the house we’re renting deposit-return ready, so I know I’ve missed a zillion.

What did I miss? What were your favorite posts of the week (even if they are your own)?

6 thoughts on “This week in amazing posts (editited to add a latecomer)

  1. I loved Jen's post too, I am a believer in the teaching's of Jesus Christ AND in gays having the same rights as anyone else. I am also a believer in free speech and the awesomeness of Chik-Fil-A sandwiches. And, I must say, I rarely let my lunch locations choose my moral views for me, I will, however, let them make me a salad.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Loved Jen Hatmaker's post. I have been having this conversation with my husband (and by having a conversation I mean I have been talking his ear off (in the car, on long drives, where he is captive audience)while he nods his head occasionally. Nobody is ever won over in a bitter arguement. Not to a religion, not to a political view, not to an opinion. The way to reach people is to love them and care for them right where they are. She pretty much sums up when Jesus tells people the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor (and maybe some people don't understand that their neighbor is every person they encounter. EVER).

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