A Family.

 One of the most amazing things about facebook and blogging is that I get to meet the most amazing people. People I would have never met otherwise, people who change my life.

There’s a downside to that. Being a part of our large Down syndrome community comes with the constant reminder of how fragile their lives can be.  
The Leimberer Family.
The two sides of this coin came into sharp focus today as I learned that my friends’ son had died. Eli had been in our prayers this past week as he fought a respiratory infection. Things went from bad to worse, and this sweet boy lost his battle. It’s a little too much to take. Today, I’m asking for your prayers for them. They are going through something I can’t even begin to fathom.
These women are amazing. They played no small part in my expressing my feelings about gay marriage and walking in the pride parade. This is why I walked. This is a FAMILY. A family that is in pain right now. A family that deserves your prayers just as much as any family in this situation. Prayers I know a loving God hears. I know He loves them and is comforting them during this time. 
I hope and pray that the very place that allowed me to meet such wonderful people will continue to be a refuge for them. I hope that as they seek solace in the words of the many, many people who love them, they won’t run into any of the ongoing controversy over a fast food restaurant or hear any of the talk about people who oppose something that they treasure above all else: Family.
Please pray for them. They are asking that those who would feel compelled to send flowers, to instead please make donations to GiGi’s Playhouse or Wesley United Methodist Church in Naperville (as these two places were a VERY important part of Elijah’s life).

6 thoughts on “A Family.

  1. I'd love to know where to contact them. I've heard of this story, it's very fresh for me having lost my own daughter with DS only two weeks ago. I'd hope I can give them some support.

  2. Oh. Oh. It's times like this I wish I prayed, so I could pray for them. But I don't. So I can only say that they will be in my thoughts. You can feel their love for their son radiating from that picture. I am so, so glad they have each other to cling to during this time.

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