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Pinterest Pins that aren’t Pinteresting.

I’m nothing if not super helpful. So here’s me helping you manage some of the Pinterest pins out there that aren’t what you think they are.  Pretty much everything on Pinterest sucks besides my “funny” board. You should follow it. It’s fantastic and the best thing I’ve ever done. Ever.


I can’t give this one any photo or blog credit because it says the blog has been removed. It probably went inactive because the chick that wrote this tutorial died while making pomander balls.

These. Take. Forever.

They’re super cute and super easy and super sucky. They take like fourteen years to make if you want them to look right. And don’t just try to do it with bigger flowers, because that doesn’t look right, either. I wish I had taken a picture of my half done pomander ball. Because after fourteen hours and twelve thousand needle pokes to my fingers, I gave the hell up.


This one is great in concept, but doesn’t work too well if you have soup cans that aren’t Campell’s or don’t have full boxes ALL of the time. The problem is, the box isn’t sturdy enough to stack them unless all of the bottom boxes are COMPLETELY full.  If not, they crumple on each other. You could reinforce them, I guess, but with all that damn work, you might as well just go out and buy one of these:

These suckers are $30 at I was not paid for this endorsement. I’m just trying to save you some time and sanity.

This one is my favorite because it gets repinned LIKE CRAZY.  DIY water beads from things you can find in your kitchen! What you’re pinning folks? The page to a HOAX. I laugh every time I see it. I’m going to laugh harder when I pin it from this page and people repin it. You should repin it, too. Because we’re hilarious. And if you’re here from a pin on Pinterest, hello and welcome.

Sorry you’re not going to be making cool water beads.

This is a lot like the Mountain Dew hoax I warned you about a while back. Don’t waste good Dew. I implore you.

But you know what I do love with all of my heart and can’t wait until Halloween to make? This bad boy:

In fact, I might just make one out of a watermelon and put it on Erin’s porch while I wait until pumpkins are in season.

Meanwhile, follow me on Pinterest. It’s worth it. I swear. Even more than following this damn blog, which if you aren’t, you should. It’s the right thing to do.


19 thoughts on “Pinterest Pins that aren’t Pinteresting.

  1. Thank you! I fixed it! I had changed my last name to "sweatpants" and had forgotten to change my buttons. You win the internet.

  2. Thank you for calling out some of the crap on Pinterest. Someone needs to do it. I get so annoyed when people post stupid things thinking they could actually work. People please.

  3. That pumpkin is hilarious! I have so many pins on my boards. I am probably guilty of pinning stuff that are hoaxes. Most of the time I pin before I even look at the stuff. I know…..I am part of the problem:/ I'll try to not be so damn gullible;D

  4. SHUT UP! You made the actual beads?! I've been EVERYWHERE trying to find out how and all I got was the hoax! Please, please, tell!

  5. Oh, I totally am, too. That's why I wrote this. So you knew of a couple to not pin. Or whatever. I don't care. I live it up on Pinterest. On pinterest. Dang. That's pretty sad.

  6. That pumpkin is terrific! Love it. And I love that you tried making those pomander balls. I'm too laze to even try. And I still haven't quite gotten the hang of pinterest. Whatever.

  7. I hate when people post fake things on Pinterest, and they lead to one of those fake survey sites that really want you to buy a bunch of stuff. But the pumpkin picture made me laugh!

  8. 1) I have friends on pinterest that I believe have pinned Every Photo of Anything Ever Photographed On the Internet. If it even resembles something you would ever eat, wear, read, decorate with, entertain with, or just look at: they've pinnned it. Chronic Pinning is a serious problem. These people need help and a telethon to raise awareness. 2)So many of the ideas that people pin look like pure bull crap to me. And somehow because it was pinned once, it must be true – just like you can't believe everything you read, you can't believe everything works just because it was pinned. 3)I have another friend that pins anything with the title: 50 Ways to love your husband…100 ways to clean your house…45 tips of things good moms do…3,985 ways to feel inadequate today…I guess girl straight up needs some tips. Oh, and I easily could have written the list for ways to love your husband: 1)Food 2)Sex. That's it. List complete. But boards for funny signs/memes/what-have-you? They will always have a place on Pinterest. That and the way rad ideas for a little boy costumes: Kip from Napoleon Dynamite complete with large glasses, button up pale shirt, and Lafawnduh sign.

  9. hmmm, good to know about those water bead thingies… not that i'd ever do it. I like to pin things on pinterest and then never do them. the pumpkin is hilarious – have you seen the pumpkins where one is puking out his guts and the other has this drunkard carved face and there are smashed beer cans strewn about? that one is hilarious, but i'd be banned from this town if i tried that one at halloween! 🙂

  10. Here are the things I've said about pinterest over the last few days… "I hate it. Half the people are trying to lose weight and the other half are trying to make donuts""I hate it. It's a website to show you all the ways you're failing as a mother, wife, and overall human." "I finally get it. If you drink 20 bottles of wine, you can make stuff with the corks because you're too drunk to know that it's tacky."

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