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Baby With Down Syndrome Lands Swimsuit Campaign

If you have a child with Down syndrome, you’ve seen this post:

image via adweek

Stuff like this is a HIT with the Down syndrome community and is widely passed around. To tell you the truth, it makes me all excited, too. I LOVE that this beautiful child is modeling for a cute swimwear line.

However; I wish they had just put her on the cover of the magazine and walked her down the catwalk without mentioning that she had Down syndrome. I wish that they would have just said, “She’s absolutely beautiful, that’s why we chose her to model our products!” 

Joe Klamar / AFP – Getty Images

Instead, they’ve used her Down syndrome almost as a part of their marketing campaign. So that moms like me will get all excited to see a beautiful face of one of our own gracing the cover of a magazine or whatever and share it like crazy. It’s brilliant, in fact. I’ve had FOURTEEN friends share the article just today. 

I love that Down syndrome is going mainstream. LOVE IT. I love that more and more people are seeing the beauty in our children. I just wish in this instance, they would have simply given her the contract not because of or in spite of her having Down syndrome. I wish they would have just done this because she’s cute and deserves it all on her own.

That, to me, would have been a much better message without having to say a thing.

9 thoughts on “Baby With Down Syndrome Lands Swimsuit Campaign

  1. I agree. And while I think that baby is really cute, Abby is soooooo much cuter! You should get her into the modeling biz. You know, in all of your spare time.

  2. Hmmm, I have mixed thoughts on this…On the one hand I totally see what you are saying, it would be awesome if we lived in a world that simply accepted people with disabilities for themselves without having to point out the differences…But…I don't think we live in that world yet…I think people DO need to see more of this and DO need to see the words Down syndrome along side of it…It did no harm for this ad to state that the little girl had Ds, it could have only raised more awareness and shed a positive light on Down syndrome.See, WE know our children are amazing and beautiful and smart…But many people only have those old stereo types and misconceptions stuck in their head. I know I did even two years ago…That is why when I was told my son had Down syndrome my heart broke, I was crushed…I did not see any articles being passed around on FB about kids with Ds with modeling contracts, or graduating from high school, or running their own business, I didn't even know it was possible…If I had seen this ad when my son was born it would have only done me good to know that she had Down syndrome.So in then end who cares if they mention she has Down syndrome or not? Doesn't hurt anything.

  3. this little convo made me laugh, and agree Holly and Meriah. Yay is the day we stop highlighting an achievement with the persons difference. Whether that be disability, race, gender or sexual orientation. Maybe someday

  4. meh. . . it's business. I like the inclusion. I like the mainstreaming. It's a business decision that has a positive impact. But at it's root, it remains a business decision. Generate positive buzz, sell products. This isn't about a gesture or really even acceptance. It's about making money. I have no problem with that at all, mind you, and their efforts to generate business have a positive impact. . . so. . . win-win.

  5. I wonder why they don't use people with Down syndrome past the age of 5. Are they not beautiful anymore once they out grow that cute baby stage? I would love to see a model in the Khols catalog showing off one of their products.

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