Summer So Far (in pictures!)

She cocks her head to the side like this for pictures all of the time. She’s the cutest thing ever, no?

Abby’s Standing!                                                     Lance and I in New York

The boys figured out that if they tuck their rashguards in, they could blow them up and float.

The 4th of July was wicked hot (I can say “wicked” because I’m moving to New England). Being outside was torture. Thus my expression and gesture. I asked him to not photograph my pain. But he did anyways.

Sometimes I worry about that kid.

But he can’t be totally evil and love this girl so much. He KISSES her! He won’t kiss ANYONE.

Casey LOVES Boy Scouts. This right picture is of him leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

8 thoughts on “Summer So Far (in pictures!)

  1. OMG!!! You're kids are adorable!! Casey's eyes are amazing, and they way Abby scrunches her face up after the kisses… Oh so yummy! (My daughter makes a similar face when she wants some sugar!)

  2. Love this whole post! Abby's head tilt = adorable, Abby standing = fantastic, and Casey leading the pledge = wow! Carter and Peyton are precious, too 🙂

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