9 thoughts on “Jenny McCarthy Does Not Speak for the Autism Community

  1. It cracks me up that you have a group dedicated to this. I feel,like I shouldn't have an opinion on this, since I don't have a kid with autism. But I kind of went off the handle on someone on Facebook a few months ago, because they posted an article about how vaccines cause autism. I was basically attacked by 5 different people on how the government is conspiring against us all to poison our kids. The thing I thought was funny was that none of the people arguing had a child with any special needs. And the girl who had posted the article had just been in the hospital after her youngest had whooping cough! But whatever. To each his own.

  2. Thank you for making this group!! It needed doing, seriously!! I am sick *to death* of hearing about her BS. I used to really enjoy her as an actress cause she was funny, but she's ruined it for me now. She's so irritating! And dangerous. **Grrr**

  3. Wow, I missed something. I guess I should read up on what she's been spouting! Btw, I'm figuring Jenny McCarthy doesn't speak for the autism community just like Noah's Dad doesn't speak for the Ds community. Ugh.

  4. At the VERY least, I don't think Noah's Dad is dangerous. I think his message is good, but his tactics and everything else are slimy. I think JM is just slimy AND dangerous. She's perpetuating the myth that vaccines cause autism- even when it's highly likely that her son NEVER had it to begin with. She says she's cured his autism and mother's who aren't her termed "mother warriors" who don't do what SHE did to cure their kids are "victims" who "like the attention that autism gives them". I want to punch her in the skull. And I really don't want to punch Noah's Dad. I want to convince him to spend his ad money on an editor.

  5. I think it's a big deal that we as parents of people with autism (and those people who have autism themselves) stand together and use our voices to overpower hers. Too many people still aren't vaccinating because they listen to her rather than reading ALL of the science and deciding for themselves. They're listening to a PORN STAR over PEDIATRICIANS. On top of that, she's getting rich selling a "cure" to autism and then ripping on those who refuse to believe her, saying that we WANT our kids to have autism because of all of the attention it gets us.

  6. UGUGHGUHHGUHHHHHH! It makes the autism community look like a bunch of idiots. How many more studies need to be done to prove there isn't a link? This is why I made the page. There needs to be more people out there telling everyone else that Jenny is WRONG in what she is saying and doing. I'm not saying that those approaches shouldn't be used (minus the bleach enemas), but her saying that it's THE ONLY WAY to "CURE" autism is FALSE.

  7. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I love the Scream trilogy (I'm leaving out #4 on purpose) but I can hardly stand to watch Scream 3 thanks to Jenny's involvement. I don't want to support ANYTHING she does. EVER.

  8. Oh, whoa. That IS dangerous! Thanks for the explanation! Thinking back, I may have heard about that before. Yikes…And Noah's Dad? How is it possible that he can post a mediocre photo of his kid eating oatmeal and get THAT MANY "likes"??? People seriously have nothing else to do…who ARE all those followers of his, anyway? With, like, 1600 FB friends I have, I don't think I know a single one.

  9. I have several friends who don't vaccinate, and I think it's mostly for this reason, although they may not completely admit it. They woukd say they don't want foreign substances in their kids bodies. But I bet they let them eat chicken nuggets at McDonalds. That's about as foreign as you can get lol. I'll do my little part and tick them off by posting stuff I'm sure. I still get a kick out of the government conspiracy theory. The government certainly isn't saving any money if the rate of kids with Autism rises. I just think its crazy, and I can't understand how a rationally minded person could think that.

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