SensaCalm Weighted Blanket Review

 We have said from the beginning that Casey’s autism never sleeps. His body just cannot rest. Not ever. Even before Casey was diagnosed, we noticed that the only time he would ever really look like he was even a little at peace, was when he was swaddled up and had all sorts of suffocation hazards on him.

As he grew and we started learning more about autism, we realized that what deep pressure did for Casey. We bought a HUGE Love-Sac type bean bag and when Casey was freaking out, we’d roll him up in it like a taco. Casey takes frequent baths, too, to get that deep pressure. When a bath or beanbag is unable, Lance and I will wrap Casey up in a blanket and lay on him to get him to calm down. It works, but it also has meant that one of us was there with him during these times. With three other kids, this is tough to do.

I had heard about weighted blankets. They had used weighted lap pads and vests in Casey’s preschool. I don’t know why I didn’t put it together that something like a weighted blanket could serve the same functions as the things we had been doing. I guess I figured that there weren’t blankets out there that would be soft enough for Casey to willingly get under as well as being heavy enough to make a difference.

Then I saw a review done on Sunday’s blog, Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.  I thought then about getting one from the company SensaCalm, but finances sort of suck so we couldn’t do it at the time. I entered to win her drawing for a $100 gift card though, and to my surprise, I won! I was thrilled. I spoke with Donna about Casey and she worked with me about what would be the best size and weight for him.

I got the blanket in the mail a short time later and has been a huge hit not just with Casey, but with everyone. I have anxiety. The blanket is super nice for when my husband isn’t around to bear hug my demons out of me. My oldest son has Sensory Processing Disorder and sometimes his system gets a little crazy. It calms him down, too.  Abby loves it and I’m sure it will be handed down to her when Casey moves on to a bigger size. Many children with Down syndrome also have sensory issues and respond readily to deep pressure.

The biggest difference it makes is of course with Casey. I’ve tried multiple times to take a good video of the immediate impact of the weighted blanket when Casey is having a tough time. It’s a miracle worker. There have been multiple times when he’s been having a rough go of things and he’ll go in his room, get under his blanket and relax for a while. He knows it calms him down.  We take it everywhere with us, too. We took it to the amusement park just in case, we take it to church, we take it on outings.

Right after I put the blanket on. Calm, but worried.

SensaCalm is a small business ran by grandparents, parents and educators of children with special needs. They understand uniquely the needs of children with Autism and sensory disorders. They understand the need for the material used to be soft but also strong as hell. I’m amazed at the workmanship and the amount of time that is put into these blankets. Ours has already been used to death, but it looks like new.  The seams are strong- and this is important with how tough kids, but especially kids with autism, can be on blankets. We’ve had pillows ripped through, the aforementioned bean bag ripped into, etc. Casey, even in his biggest fits, can do nothing to harm this blanket because it is so remarkably well made.

This is a business that I love and will continue to use and support. They are a Christian-based company, and on their “About” page, they speak of how each blanket’s recipient is prayed for. I love that there are people out there that have that sort of faith. I love that there are people who are praying for other people they do not know. I love it because I know prayer works.

2 minutes after being under the blanket. Completely calm.

If you are in the market for a great, well made, sensory blanket, get it from SensaCalm. They are super easy to work with, they’re TOTALLY on the ball, and the blankets are of the best quality out there.  Their website is here:

And Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/SensaCalm


{in the interest of full disclosure, I won the $100 from Sunday, but SensaCalm upgraded my order for free in exchange for a review- of any sort. I told them that I would review it honestly, which meant good or bad. They were confident in their product, as they should be. Nothing in this review isn’t 100% how I feel about this product or the company}

7 thoughts on “SensaCalm Weighted Blanket Review

  1. I just got my sons weighted blanket!!! What a Heaven send.. It is amazing what that blankets can do for him… I have to remember to switch arms though lugging that thing around is ALOT of work!!! LOVE it though!!!

  2. I've been checking out this company and their product for a few months now going back and forth whether to spend the money and not have it work. So glad I came across this post today. Definiltey going to take the plunge and order.

    1. I’ve been going back and forth on this blanket as well. Are you satisfied with your purchase? I’m concerned that the material is not soft enough, as one review noted that it was too rough.

      1. We’ve had it almost two years now (I think?) and it’s been super great. It’s soft. We’ve had no problems and hauled it through two moves. He still sleeps with it every night.

  3. Okay, I teared up reading that each recipient is prayed for. That is amazing! I'm so glad this product works well for your Casey. If my Lauren ends up needing one I know I'll get it from this company!

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