The Casey Dance

There have been several days this school year that I’ve barely held it together to get Casey in class and back out the door. Where I cried as I walked home. He went through a rough patch, and there was one day that I didn’t make it to the door of his class and LOST IT in front of all the kids. That sucked.

Today I made it out of the school before I lost it. Still was the blubbering, pathetic looking Mom who was crying as she walked home. But today, it was for a completely different reason.

Yesterday when I was talking to Casey’s teacher, he told me about “The Casey Dance.” Three days a week or so, Casey waits at the front of the classroom for the kids to settle down. Then they start to cheer for him. Then he dances. Make no mistake, the child is WHITE, the child has autism, the child cannot dance. But he DANCES!  And his friends- his FRIENDS– cheer for him.

There aren’t words enough for me to say how perfect and wonderful this school year has been. Casey’s teacher is “cool” to the kids. And he’s used his well deserved coolness to make Casey cool, too. He’s shown the class that Casey’s quirks aren’t something to be weirded out by, it’s what makes him so fun. The kids in his class are wonderful, too. They treat him SO well.  They love him, and they should. Casey’s the best!

18 thoughts on “The Casey Dance

  1. This is fantastic! He's got some great moves, but the best part is how lit up and happy his face is!And I wish every single kid had a teacher like Casey's.

  2. This, by far, is one of the BEST posts you have ever had!! I had to watch the video over and over because the joy on Casey's face and the joy of the children cheering Casey on is simply. Priceless.

  3. That is a great example of an awesome teacher! How did this routine come about… did Casey already like to dance in class, and the teacher just decided to give him a designated time to do it? 🙂

  4. Love!!! Love the little Fred Astaire kick he gives at the end. Smile is priceless. Johnny has a cool class this year. What a difference!

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