Birthday in an airport…for now….

It’s my birthday today. I’m typing this on my iPad from an airport in Minneapolis. I’m 30. But I’ve felt 30 for years. By the time I was 23, I was married, had three kids, a mortgage and a son newly diagnosed with autism. All of my friends were older than me. Most by at least five years. You stop hanging out with people your age when you get married and hang out with people in the same stage of life. Which makes me kind of sad. All of my friends are going to die before me. That sounded sinister! Yay sinister! Anyways, I’m going to be in freaking Seattle for the next couple of days, and I know how much you give a damn about me….so I will update on my Mostly True Stuff Facebook page. Mostly with fantastically narcissistic pictures of myself from every possible angle. Just kidding, I won’t be doing much of that. I will post funny pranks…maybe… If nothing else, I get to party with the girls for a couple of days. Girls I miss, and will continue to miss as we have just found out we will be moving to Rhode Island for sure in the fall. I go now to eat a second lunch. Because it’s my birthday, dammit. I’m on instagram @mostlytruestuff. You should see the cat pics my sister in law’s little sister has been making me for my birthday. They’re truly remarkable.

11 thoughts on “Birthday in an airport…for now….

  1. And you want to hear something funny? I tried to send you a pic of me this AM all drugged out (because I am a good friend like that) and it didn't go through…bummer. I must try again…Have a good birthday and a good weekend!! xxooAnd don't worry, I can't die. I have to live to take care of my kids. See? You're stuck with me. 🙂

  2. I forgot my phone today and so I can't text you or look at your instagram or stalk you during class. Sad. I figured a blog comment is the next best thing, maybe even better than a text from me? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And I didn't know Rhode Island became for sure so that is exciting! Exciting for me to come and visit. Happy Birtday.

  3. Lexi~Chandler will be so sad to hear you're going away for good. We've been hanging out in the old hood and she is anxiously awaiting your return to see you and the kids. WE MISS YOU!!!!And for the record, I'm so happy you are now OLD. I've been waiting for this day. 30. HA! Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!~Jen

  4. Happy belated birthday. Hope it was great.But damn it, Lexi. You promised to move to Illinois. You promised!!!!!!!!!! Rhode Island isn't even close…. 🙂

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