We’re not sick at all! Turns out, we’re just zombies!

 Carter now has strep.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got it again, too. We’ll see what urgent care says tomorrow (unless there’s someone in within reading and prescribing distance that wants to just call me in a z-pack…I’d rather run head first into a cage of angry opossums than go to urgent care). Lance and Heidi have pink eye, too. I think I do, but the jury is still out on whether or not I have anything at all or just a sweet case of conversion disorder. This got me to thinking. What the hell is wrong with us? I think I’ve found my answer:

We’re not sick. The process of zombification just takes a lot longer in the beautiful.

This isn’t because I haven’t cleaned enough. I HAVE (and by “I” I mean “Heidi”). This isn’t because we share drinks and never remember to finish all of the antibiotics we were given. It’s not because Casey licks door handles and Peyton licks Casey. Nope. This is zombification. It’s the only really to explain the slow death that has hit our house in the last two months. We’re turning into zombies.

Case in point: Check out our family pictures:


See? Proof.

14 thoughts on “We’re not sick at all! Turns out, we’re just zombies!

  1. At least you still have your sense of humor (and excellent graphics skillz). Now go wash down some penicillin with a frosty adult beverage for that sore throat.

  2. I heard green is in this spring. Sorry..nope that's coral and navy. Good news though no one is going to sell your organs on the black market. Every cloud has a silver lining right? heh.

  3. I think that Abby looks like she's in a good mood to be a zombie. Seriously, I hope you are all better soon, because it's starting to be all summery, and you need to be able to enjoy it.

  4. I'm still holding onto hope that I have heartburn that's making my throat sore. It hasn't really done anything, so that's good right? Lance is at urgent care right now. He probably has strep. It's not his fault, but I still want to murder him.

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