Special Needs Ryan Gosling, a tutorial.

So I’ve been asked this many times:

“What’s with this Special Needs Ryan Gosling (SNRG) thing and why should I take part?”

Me: because it’s awesome, dammit, and by taking part, by the transitive property of equality (but not recognized in North Carolina), you would be awesome, too.

Then they tell me they’ll get their information somewhere else.

So, I thought I’d go in depth. And by “in depth” I mean I’m going to copy and paste stuff.

First off, SNRG was started by Sunday over at Extreme Parenthood. Her first and second posts went viral. Read that first post. It explains how it started out. In summary, we’ve all seen the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” pictures, right? Well, in all of them no one had thought about having Ryan Gosling say wonderful, beautiful things to parents (mostly moms) of special needs kids. No one, until Sunday. And because she’s a giving and sharing soul, she wanted ALL to join in on the fun. So she created SNRG Fridays. Bless her heart.

So what do you need to do? Go to her blog on Wednesdays and follow these easy steps (plagiarized directly from this AMAZING (and not just because I’m mentioned in it) post)

  1. Right click on the photo above and save to your hard drive
  2. Upload to or and add your best “Hey Girl” words.
  3. Write a blog post including your poster and hit publish.
  4. Link up your post with mine which goes live at midnight on Friday.
  5. Visit the other bloggers who have linked up and laugh your ass off.
I want to expound on #2 and #3. Are you a parent of a child or two that has special needs? If some handsome dude was going to whisper ANYTHING in your ear, what would it be? “Take a break?” “I’m going to murder the principal for you?” or “I’ll give you deep pressure…all night…long”.  Look at the ones in the linky lists from the past on these posts.  Or check out any of the ones I have done.
My Unpaid Testimonial of SNRG:
I went searching out a green pasture that had the same kinds of unicorns as me. Ones that could see the hilarious side of autism. Unicorns who aren’t afraid to say “This sucks!” sometimes, while at the same time knowing how lucky they were to be unicorns. I found that through SNRG. Not only did I get to meet Sunday, the mother to two children on the autism spectrum, but I met and was fully accepted into this crazy fold of parents who have children with special needs. I love this because it’s for EVERYONE. It’s not just for parents of children with autism. Or Down syndrome. It’s for any parent that wants to link up and meet new, cool, funny parents who don’t take life any more seriously than is completely necessary. 
Also, since I met these people, this fantastic community, my blog stats have tripled. If that’s not motivation for you, I don’t know what is. Let it out, join us. ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US. 
Yeah, I just went all sorts of cult on you.
And because I live what I preach (mostly) here’s my SNRG: 
If you don’t blog, no worries, go to find new fun people to follow. I’m serious. My favorite blogs link there.

31 thoughts on “Special Needs Ryan Gosling, a tutorial.

  1. I read about this a few weeks ago. Shortly thereafter someone made me feel bad about Sam's not being able to wave. I was in tears about it, but finally cheered up when I thought "Ooooh! I should make a SNRG meme with a pic of him waving!" In case you're wondering, google images has several toChoose from. 🙂

  2. awesome and you are SO right.I have LONG been writing about autism on my blog, but honestly, because I write about 8 kids and my husband's infidelity, I really wasn't getting the kind of support and feedback that I needed from parents who "get it".I love Fridays. I love getting to see what everyone has to say and for one day, not only not feeling so alone, but getting to really let loose and laugh.

  3. My best friends mom told her that I was a bad influence. It's like every friend I've ever had through all grades all over again.

  4. Love this explanation! I so look forward to Fridays because there is always something for Ryan to discuss.Plan to show it to my husband who is still a little confused about the weekly Ryan-mania. I guess Ryan doesn't do it for him.

  5. I have to tell you Lexi that the first time I saw SNRG on facebook I spit my tea all over the computer! (Not attractive, let me tell you…)Thanks for the reminder not to take all of this stuff so seriously. I think I'm going to sic my SNRG on the student services director…

  6. Did you change your header up there? I don't like change……but I love Ryan, and Sunday and you. So I guess I'll get over it and seriously, if I didn't laugh about Autism and love it then I'd be crazy. Wait, that implies I'm not crazy….I don't like where this is going. But I do like the header up there. See how I came full circle? I will never be able to do that again.

  7. Apparently your stupid best friend's mom didn't learn from her experience with adolescence that parental disapproving of friends only makes them 1,000,000 times more appealing.

  8. Oh man, seriously there are some days that I joke about everything related to CP. Oh who am I kidding… I joke about everything related to CP any day. But people think I have a sad sense of humor. Whatever. It works for me. 😉

  9. I fear that post. I want it to be perfect. I've started it five million times. I'm better when you give me the subject matter. Oh wait, you sort of did that, huh? I suck. I suck. I suck.

  10. DO IT! I think you'd be surprised how much humor we all find in the daily battle. It may seem sick, but it's honest. And cathartic. Plus, you get to look at pictures of a dude many people think is terribly handsome. win win win

  11. I effing hate my header. I blew up my entire blog last night. I don't know how to fix it. I think I might just pay someone to do it. But I don't know what I want and I'm terrifically cheap. I'm not making any money on this blog, it's hard to justify spending money on it…no? I think about you a lot. It should worry you, Lizbeth.

  12. Honestly, he doesn't really do it for me, either. I like my dudes beefier than me. And more masculine. Which is hard, because I'm mostly dude.

  13. Speaking of being terribly cheap—our Price Chopper had shampoo and conditioner for $1.00 each. I bought 30–15 shampoo and 15 conditioner. When I went to check out the girl asked if I owned a salon (clearly she didn't look up and see that mess on my head) and I said, "No, I'm cheap and I have 2 girls." She looked at me like I was nuts….I thought you would understand….And that right there is why I have never changed a thing on my blog. I tried once and it blew up in my face and to this day I refuse to touch it. Sure, I would love four little sea stars up top but I'm too afraid……

  14. Is it weird that the special needs parenting community (the cool ones anyway) has the same sick sense of humor as the military? I guess it's the same "laugh so you won't cry" mentality. Also, balls. There, now I feel like I participated in the naughty speak up top. (Fluv your pic, bt dubs!)

  15. I had a long talk with my mom and sister about cursing last night at the bar. It went something like this:Me (to sister): Mom reads the blog but wishes I wouldn't swear so muchSister: What the fuck?Me: I know.Sister: Since when don't you curse? You've always cursed!Me: Right? She's been flipping me off since I was in high school.Mom: I just don't feel like that's the way I want to communicate anymore. (she's been teaching bible study classes and so forth for about the last 5 years)Sister: When did THAT start happening?Mom: It's been about three years now.Me (laughing): The hell it has! I guarantee you've flipped me off in the past six MONTHS.Sister: I KNOW it hasn't been a year since you've flipped ME off.Mom (uncomfortable): Are you two having fun with this?Me: Fuck yeah!Sister: I don't think Jesus cares if you swear as long as you're a good person.Me: I'm pretty sure Jesus flipped off Peter routinely. Everything I've read about him says he was an insufferable ass.And so on. . . it was good wholesome family fun.Oh. . . I have to go on Klout and see if I can find a topic for "BAD" because it would be funny to add a Klout category to your profile that says, "You find Lexi Influential in "Bad".Also also. . . join klout so you can get free stuff and so I can add embarassing topics to your profile.

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