My Facebook Page and Other Fun News

Hey. So. Hi!

Cutest little old lady baby face ever.

First off, I wanted to thank you for your comments, your emails, etc. after yesterday’s post. I’m always super afraid to post things like that because they are so private. You guys are good. Mostly.

Moving on.

I’ve long pondered the use of a “Facebook Page”. I made one a while back, mostly because after so many people add your link to their stati (it sounds better than statuses) Facebook automatically makes a page for you. Mine said that “Mostly True Stuff” was a BOOK. It’s not a book.

Not yet.*

So I made it into a REAL one. Then I just let it sit there. Then I added it to my blog here. Then I just let it sit there some more. I didn’t really see the point. I pretty much “Friend” anyone who offers, mostly because I’m pretty sure that even if the person who is trying to friend me is a wackjob, I’m still scarier in most areas. I ALWAYS check to make sure the person is cute before I friend them.

That’s not to say I don’t friend “uncute” people. I do. But you have to be REALLY uncute to get my nod. I find that the really ugly people have the most amazing things to say.

So if I do accept your friend request, know that it’s because I find you either super cute or really ugly. And then let that knowledge fester for a couple of days before you give in and put your picture up on “hot or not”.

Anyways, back to the page. I wasn’t sure what it was for. Then I realized its calling: a place to post the funny crap I find on the internet. It’s going to be so awesome. Most sites have a way for me to automatically load the pictures STRAIGHT to my page. That way, you can get all of the good crap that comes with an association with me, but without having to wade through my countless “woe is me” stati and various personal attacks.  You can also post on my page, too! See, there’s no need for us to be friends at all! And, the latest Gallup Poll said definitively that I am a super crappy friend. Ask anyone whose birthdays I missed this year (everyone’s. I missed everyone’s)

So slide ____________________the mouse______________over to your right: and click “like”.

 That way, too,  you’ll know when I post something new to my blog!
 Did mentioning that make you go back and “unlike” it? Figures. Self saboteur, I am.

Thank you and good night.**

*I’m writing a book! I just started taking notes. I called my mother to tell her and we spoke fondly of memories that will embarrass her terribly if the book will ever be published outside of the lone copy that will gather dust on my mom’s mantle (it won’t be on her mantel. She’ll say it will be on the mantel, but I’m pretty sure it will end up hidden in her closet).  She once again implored me to not use such foul language, and I said I would only use it when it was absolutely essential to the story. Like this one time when my mother was trying to take us to the zoo…as I was saying this she yelled, “How much?! How much do you want?!”

So I might not write a book after all. Because I can be bought.

Here is a picture of a blowfish:

**it’s not nighttime. I wish it was. Because I want to read instead of sleep.

9 thoughts on “My Facebook Page and Other Fun News

  1. That blowfish is either super cute or super not cute. I haven't decided which yet. But it's definitely not in-between. You should friend it on Facebook. And I bet he is a far worse friend than you – I be he has NEVER remembered a birthday. It's always good to have at least one friend who is a worse friend than you.

  2. If that's true, I probably can serve in that role. Me! Me! Not the blowfish!So…fun news? Did I miss it? ;)Unrelated, I wanted to "reply as" my facebook profile. Ironically, I only can respond with my Google profile. Fine, so that's not fun news either, but it's something. (I think.)

  3. I'm the same way with my facebook page, but haven't discovered the awesomeness that you have yet. I sit in unresolved jealousy. (And I tried to finish my comment yesterday, but Addison's ipad wouldn't let me go back and fix the comment. I WANTED to say that you will make it through whatever happens because in the heat of the worst of things, you find strength in yourself that you didn't know existed. I know it's hard- and the anticipation is the worst! praying for you and hugs!….see don't you wish Addison's ipad hadn't been so stubborn yesterday???)

  4. we used to have a blowfish! his name was grido. And he would stalk you if you walked by his tank. espcially the dog. he stalked the dog alot. he met with an unfortunate pet-sittin accident (which means we'll never really know what happened to him) but i miss him sometimes.i do NOT miss caring for a saltwater tank, however.

  5. The fun news is that I'm going to write a book. Isn't that fun FOR YOU?! Of course it is. You can't wait for me to maybe do it. Like a rollercoaster fun. Or the beach.I want to go to the beach.

  6. I hate Addison's Ipad. I hate it so much right now.Deanna, your facebook page should be made up entirely of pictures of your kids. I'm not kidding. I would live on it if it were.

  7. I thought there would be nothing better than having a pet blowfish, but for crying out loud, you had one that stalked you?! How do you ever, EVER in your life top that? I mean I guess you could try extreme sports or traveling to exotic places, but really, it's never going to be quite that good again. And for that, I am sorry. Did you get Grido stuffed? I would have.

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