A message from my sister

I got this in an email today.  I freaking LOVE my niece Sienna. She’s the best girl. So, will you be a dear and help me out with this one?

From my sister Shelby: 

Sienna’s on the right


I need to ask a favor. Sorry to be obnoxious, but we’ll do anything for kids, right? Sienna’s birthday is tomorrow. Ive been driving myself crazy trying to think of what we could do for her that would mean the most. She’s not really a “stuff” person which makes her a neat girl for which it’s hard to find gifts.

ANYWAY, she has a YouTube channel. Her joy is making movies. She has a bunch and it’s all she wants to do every day. Her second joy is watching the # of views her channel receives or even better *comments*! I thought it would be really cool if I could get a bunch of people to go rack up some views and comments on her channel. I don’t want her to know it was me, I just want her to be excited.

She loves comments from strangers as much or more than from friends, so if you feel comfortable passing this on or putting the link on your facebook, I’d be much happy and will never ask for anything ever again until next time I ask for something. (I know, I know – child safety, don’t let them be seen by strangers, etc. BUT IT’S HER BIRTHDAY! I’ll place more booby-traps around the perimeter.)

WARNING! Her videos mostly make no sense. I’m not sending people to her channel because the videos are Oscar-worthy. She’s 12. . .13 tomorrow . . . keep that in mind. Feel free to click on one and then go make yourself a snack while it runs. We’ll never know the difference.

The “preslie birthday video” and “fairy secret” are pretty normal. “The Window” is scary. I screamed the first time I watched it.



Her channel is “Sien8na”. Here’s a Link:

Make me proud,

3 thoughts on “A message from my sister

  1. Emma loves making videos too. I don't let her post them. . . but they are similarly not oscar worthy. I liked "The Window". She looks a lot like you.-nemesis

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