What did I do before Noah’s Dad.Com?!

Dear Rick Smith,

I don’t know what I did before you came along! I had Abby about a year before you had Noah. And in that year, the Down syndrome world was a very, very sad place. You said it yourself:

“You have this treasure, this good story, but no one in the world knows how good your story is,” Rick Smith said. “And we’re like, we want you to know! We want you to open up the story and see.”

  Rick said the online world shows little positive about children with Down syndrome. “The blog is an attempt to change that,” he says, “in hopes of giving life a chance.”

      (Source: http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/Noahs-Dad-137046703.html)

It’s true. It was like there was this dark, depressing cloud over all of Down syndrome. Sure, I liked Abby, but I didn’t like-her like-her, if you know what I mean. And not one of the blogs that I read was about actually liking their kids with Down syndrome. They were chock full of how much it sucks and how hard it is and, in your words, “outdated and inaccurate.”  I mean, really, have you been to MyShtub, NotAPerfectMom’sBlog, WithaLittleMoxie, LifeAsIknowIt, even KelleHampton? If you go to anything predating the advent of Noah’sDad.com, they were all super dark. They used scary fonts and only wrote about sadness. They only used outdated facts about Down syndrome. And accuracy? How could they be accurate? Their spouses aren’t doctors!

Then you came along. I first “met” you in a Down syndrome support forum. You told us about your son. He had Down syndrome. And you LOVED him. And we were astonished and afraid. What was this “love” thing and how did it relate to our children with Down syndrome?! After telling us over and over and over again, by way of posting every single time you had a new blog post, sometimes twelve times per post, we started to see… see this amazing thing….we could LOVE our kids with Down syndrome!  Some on this forum did not see things the way you did. They were hateful. They were all about the so-called “rules” of the forum and didn’t think you were following them. Really, all you wanted to do was show the Down syndrome world how great Down syndrome was! They called it “spam” and then they kicked you out.  Assholes!

And it’s happening again. People like this brat telling you that they are bored of you posting your blog on every news article about Down syndrome.  You did the right thing by calling her hateful. She is. so. hateful. Doesn’t she get that you aren’t doing it because YOU want the spotlight?! It’s about Down syndrome! You are just showing us something we don’t know! That it’s great!

And that’s why, I’m sure, that even though your Facebook page has 14,000 followers, you still find it necessary to post links to your blog in every online forum and Facebook group having to do with Down syndrome there is. Because we still don’t get it. We need to be reminded about Down syndrome, about how great your blog is, every single time you put up a new post. Thank you for that! There are days that I start to forget that Down syndrome is great. I stop loving Abby a little. And there you are, in every forum I belong to, reminding me. Thank you!

There are some that would say that it’s not right for you to only post your blog in these forums. That it’s not being supportive of the community when that’s all you use those forums for. They don’t understand–you don’t have the time. You spend your time working on your blog, which is a beacon of light and knowledge to the rest of us. And then the rest of your time, I’m sure, has to go to spreading the “Good Word” about your blog. I’m sure you’d stick around to answer questions and help those who are in need of support, but really, why are they even asking there…the answers….all of the answers…are right there on your blog!

They are bothered that you post blog entries about your son in groups like “Educational Strategies for Children with Down Syndrome” that have nothing to do with Educational Strategies. Don’t they know that even though your son is only 1, you know WAY more than them about Down syndrome?! Why are they even mad? You’re there to HELP them.

The other day you told us that “liking” your page was the equivalent of increasing “Down Syndrome Awareness.” I had never thought about that before.  How right you are! Because, without you, and your amazing blog and Facebook page, no one would have ever even THOUGHT that Down syndrome was something that they even needed to be “aware” about.

Again, thank you for all that you do for the Down Syndrome Community. Sure, you don’t give any credit to any other Down syndrome blog, website or group unless they are going to help you in some way, but that’s not what it’s about, right? Because the world didn’t know that Down syndrome could be good before you. They should be thanking YOU.

Just like I am.

54 thoughts on “What did I do before Noah’s Dad.Com?!

  1. Yikes! This guy sounds pretty conceited. I hate when bloggers are like that. Like they have the corner on being a good parent or whatever. I have only read his blog once or twice….

  2. Just stopped my coffee from coming out of my nose…And, uh, yeah, I never write anything positive on my blog. Dark, scary, sad. Yes, exactly.Dumbass.

  3. I know that I have never once posted anything positive on my blog about my kids with DS (Angela 15, Axel 11, and Asher 7). Thank you for reminding me to DIG and DIG and DIG until I can find the good thing about raising my kids. And I'm going to spam you. Here's a blog post from several years ago. Apparently 2007 was the last time I was able to find the good. http://gardenofeagan.blogspot.com/2007/11/overlapping-guests.html Angela is much older now, and we have two more kids with DS. No.fun.at.all.

  4. Yours WAS terribly dark before he came in (BND). And now (AND) it's like it's got a whole new light. What an inspiration he is!

  5. This NEEDED to be said, Lexi! That poor guy doesn't get the recognition and butt-kissing he has EARNED through his blood, sweat, and happy, jubilant, world-enlightening tears.

  6. I was jaded about his awarness until I realised how most of his "awareness" is directed towards the ds community. Lexi, you are a riot. I pray to God he stumbles upon your post

  7. Lexi you rock. Sheesh. It makes me want to unblock him so I can REALLY learn to love my kid (ya know, the one I adopted because I heard it was going to be so awful to raise him)!

  8. Dang, I had a post written, now it's gone!:( I love this because now I'm in the light. Since I'm not a mom with a piece of joy (just the typical joy, with a bit of ASD mixedin for fun) but I've worked in schools and the public with joyous children, I didn't know all the self motivating things going on. I digress, not a surprise. I didn't know what spamming meant other than the garbage I receive in my email. Makes sense now!! Thanks for enlightening me and letting new know how difficult it is for you all to love your children!!Especially, you Ms. Angry.

  9. The page wouldn't show up, but seeing as though it was PRE-noah'sDad, I'm sure that it was dark. Like EMO dark. Can you send me the link again?

  10. It's true. I'm so glad that he shows the world that there's never any hardship at all when it comes to raising chilcren with Down syndrome. That's the message we want out there. Not, "it can be tough, but the most rewarding thing ever". No. The message is "it's perfect. 100% of time!"

  11. Okay just saw this post today and am dying laughing. But as I read it again, I saw the woman's face up there with the caption and nearly pissed my pants. OMG that's funny.

  12. Mwhahahaha. I was just thinking the other day how Kelle Hampton's blog is so negative, filled with nothing but dark images and such bad news…

  13. And his minions will tell me that I'm not supporting the Down syndrome cause because I'm not supporting him. What they don't get is that I'm TOTALLY supporting him! I love him! Especially his face. I could look at it all day long.

  14. I'm happy to say that I am not one of the 14,000 followers and I have only been to his website one time. My husband, on the other hand, called me a hater when I tried to explain to him about this guy haha. Oh well.

  15. ahahahahaaa. My husband (Mr. Alexis Magnusson, above) doesn't get it either. Tell him this one to end the argument, "Haters gotta hate". Works every time.

  16. Facebook? (Top front is out, as I've been told its my worst quadrant.)And btw, you are a comic genius. I'm friends with Megan L on FB and your comments from yesterday had me in tears of laughter.

  17. i hate rick smith! because i want all his super devices and his skills.love his blog and love his fb and love your blog and love. and i do blog, but is in spanish, and i try to be positive, but also to be negative, but also to be real. greetings, from Mexico!

  18. I'm glad you were joking about your love for him, I like you so much better now. I tried to like his blog, and facebook, but I just don't. Although his son is very cute.

  19. His son is ADORABLE. I just can't stand HIM. And I'm not saying that people should up and leave his blog or his page or anything like that. If it's helping people, fantastic. I'm not going to fight that. I just think his methods SUCK.

  20. I just want to say that I read each and every one of your posts (LOVED your autism series this month) and it's been months since I've read any of his. You rock!

  21. I loved this! I used to work at a recreation center for children and adults with disabilities. I participated in Friday night dances, volleyball leagues, bowling and other outings for people with Down Syndrome. I think it was the best summer of my life. So, so, so much fun. I had a mother of an adult with Down Syndrome tell me that she would never have it any other way. She loved her son with all of her heart just the way he was… Great post! (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny!)

  22. This is a wonderful post. I don't have a downs syndrome child myself, but I have been close to two families that did and you know what, they both said the same thing -their downs syndrome child was one of the greatest gifts in their lives. I have to think that counts for something.

  23. Love this. Noah is so adorable, but his blog posts and incessant need to promote himself aren't. But I am glad he saved us all from the darkness that consumed the DS world before he came. So. Very. Glad.

  24. This is great! I was glad to learn I'm not alone in my disdain (but I will admit to promoting MY blog on his fb page & have gotten many "likes" without trying so hard- LOL).

  25. I'm pretty sure I love you, and I just found your blog! I'm still working on getting 2 kiddos with Ds, so I'll have lots of gloom and doom to blog about. Just give me a year. Following you now, I'll be one of YOUR minions!

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