Vote! No really. Just a Casey story.

Today I was feeling LOUSY. It’s Monday. Spring Break should have ended yesterday but the trolls over at the schoolboard figured that it would be SUPER AWESOME to make it last one freaking more day. The day after Easter, in fact.

The day after I eat more sugar than one should be able to safely consume. The day I usually use to DETOX and rage. Something about the sugar/lack of sugar makes me rage. And the kids were home. So I hid from them the best any mother could.

Which is not at all. My kids just KNOW when I’m hiding from them.

Finally I emerged from my bedroom, peed through daughter on hip (but not really on hip because her hips have this fun tendancy to just POP OUT at random) and apologized to the jerks.  I went to climb the stairs back to my lair when Casey says, “Mom, I’m just worried.”

I stopped in my tracks.

“You’re worried about me?!”

“I’m worried that African Americans will never get to vote”

“Finish the program (BrainPop online…the school pays for it and lets the kids have the password..I hope they’re not charged by the hour because we’d owe them some serious cash. I wouldn’t pay it to them though. I went to ONE PTA meeting here. ONE. Standing room only. Our PTA has over $100,000 in the bank. My work there is useless. Not that I’d do anything.), Casey, finish the program.”

Later, as Lance joined me to hide from the kids, Casey comes trotting in. I told him the story. We had a good laugh. Then I asked Casey to tell him other people who can’t vote (we had an at-length conversation about why women CAN now vote. He disagrees). Casey says, “um, Helen Keller?”

10 thoughts on “Vote! No really. Just a Casey story.

  1. aaaahhh, that was so heartwarming? I'm going to clip it out and give it to my grandmother to put on her fridge next to the Family Circus clippings!

  2. (reading comments)Okay, Lexi, maybe you are losing your mind! 😉 (I try to hide from my kids, too, and they figure me out every time!)

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