Autism Diagnosis Stories Wanted

Hi “friends” (and for some of you jerks, I use that term VERY loosely…you know who you are…),

Next month is Autism Awareness Month.  For those of you awesome enough to be a part of this not-so-exclusive club, I’m looking for your stories.I spend a lot of time talking to women who are in the process of getting their child an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. When talking with them, I always end up going back to our own experience with Casey.  I find more and more, it’s the best way to explain the DSM-IVcriteria.  I’m finding more and more that people WANT to hear that story. It’s been surprising.

So, for Autism Awareness Month, I’m looking for YOUR stories. I want to hear how your child developed, what happened to make you think there was something else going on (ie, did your child regress? Was there always issues? etc), how old were they when they were diagnosed, etc.  I’m also looking for those of you who have children with Asperger’s, as that seems to be a very tricky diagnosis.  If you are interested in guest posting for me next month, please let me know. You can comment here or email me at mostlytruestuff@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing your stories!  Thanks

9 thoughts on “Autism Diagnosis Stories Wanted

  1. I can't give all the details because I don't know them, but I have a nephew who was diagnosed with Aspergers at 15 yrs old. In hindsight, we all said, duh! But along the path, my sister took him to several doctors and he was always diagnosed with ADHD type stuff. She was told she was a crappy parent who couldn't control her kids. He was also diagnosed along the way with mild CP, among things. (He always walked on his toes.) He was kicked out of school for bad behavior several times (he threatened to kill a teacher once) and has been home-schooled now for many years. He is 17 now. He is super smart when it comes to computer type stuff. He is socially harder to be around – he is a know-it-all, and he's very rude, among other things, and he has a TEMPER. I feel sorry for him and my sister that they didn't get a diagnosis earlier in his life. They have had zero support or therapy.

  2. Kristin, I would LOVE to hear from your sister. It's these stories that I think are SO important. The misdiagnosed. Etc. I think they could be SO helpful to those in the future.

  3. I don't feel confident enough to be a guest blogger for ya but I am going to be writing about my boys diagnosis' journey on my blog in the upcoming weeks. Can't wait to read the stories here too!

  4. I sent you a little video I had done of my son on your Mostly True Stuff facebook page. I love reading your blog, such truthful inspiring honest words and stories that you share with us. Thank you!

  5. I don't have a story because our diagnosis at this point is SPD and a severe speech delay, with a possibility of PDD in the future depending on what his social skills do (Hmmm guess I could write something then?), but I'm looking forward to reading these other stories. I've wanted to read Casey's story for awhile, have you ever written it or did I just miss it? That's happened… too much coffee and I get jittery and skip over stuff lol.

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