Today is the LAST DAY for the beard vote

(I’ve just learned that it’s the last day to donate if you want to vote for how my brother is going to cut his beard…you can still donate after. And I’ll keep bugging you.)

Let’s talk about why Pletonia’s 100% of proceeds going to cancer research is a big deal.  There are A LOT of good charities out there, but I could not find a single cancer charity where 100% of the money they took in went DIRECTLY to what they were raising it for.

Here are some numbers:

The American Cancer Society: 9% goes to paid staff, 11% towards fundraising
Susan G. Komen:8% fund raising, 8% to paid staff
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: 15% to fund raising, 8% to paid staff

This absolutely DOES NOT mean you shouldn’t support these charities.They are fantastic charities.They do A LOT of good in the community. And I totally get why they pay people to work for them- because the head of these organizations work to bring a lot more money in they would get with just some Joe Schmoe volunteer. I get that the money they put into fundraising brings more money back to them. So it all works. In fact, I’ve fund raised for the L&L Society and Susan G. Komen.

But if you’re looking to donate to a place where 100% of your dollar goes to cancer research, please donate here:

See the post below as to why, and what it will get you in return…

And if you’re reading this on WEDNESDAY and are in a cold, sad sweat, remember,  you can still donate to Jamey’s ride (just don’t get to vote for the beard) or to the Willis Family adoption.They are adopting two BEAUTIFUL girls who have Down syndrome (Lucky, right? TWO Abbys?).  

8 thoughts on “Today is the LAST DAY for the beard vote

  1. And one is even an Abby!! 🙂 (we might keep that name FYI!) Also, I LOOOOOOVE that you used that picture of Juanita Weasel. She's not quite as cute as Hamlet von Schnitzel – but I love that you used her. I think we might be long lost twins or something.

  2. And then totally forgot to give credit o the bloggess. I suck. I'm sure she'll find out, too. You know, because she doesn't have THAT many fans to keep in line. Also, I actually stole the idea from Holly. I'd repost her captcha one if it wouldn't mean getting a call from my mother.

  3. Just give the Bloggess a shout out in another entry. I'm thinking of contacting her – see if she'll post something for us. You never know, right? Maybe I could promise to taxidermy some roadkill for or something she'll fundraise for me. Or send a picture of me holding some twine…I love that the Bloggess may or may not be the real reason you wanted to fundraiser for us….

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