Friday is a special day.

 Friday is a special day. It’s the day I think about Sunday.  She’s the bloggess extraordinaire over at  Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.  Friday is the day my “autism” feed burns up with pictures of Ryan Gosling memes. Check them out. They are hilarious. If you have a child on the spectrum (or really with any sort of fun extra needs) you’ll laugh, hard.

I ‘found’ this picture of Ryan showing off AEP’s sweet logo.

Here’s mine for today:  (I made a couple. Memes are a fantastic way to be passive-aggressive! Have you tried it?!)



28 thoughts on “Friday is a special day.

  1. You are now dead to me. We prefer to refer to Santorum as "he who should not be voted for" in this house and on this blog. I just made that up. Like right on the spot.

  2. Aw, snap! I love these! Every one made me laugh. I love the one about your daughter not having to be friends with her daughter. So true. and the Sarah Palin one—AWESOME! And I LOVE the Jenny McCarthy one. these are fantastic. (And I love the little illusion to the primary song at the beginning!) You are a genius!

  3. Ha!!! Love all of these!!I get the same thing with Deaf kid mommies…. we don't have to be friends 'cause our kids can't hear… I wouldn't like you if they COULD hear!!

  4. I just laughed out loud at the last one!! LOL! Love the nod to Rick Santorum! We actually have had people a bit surprised when I say I'd never vote for him, like I have to just beacause his daughter also has a trisomy.

  5. I'm such a nimrod. I was thinking you were referring to when Sarah Palin ran. I totally forgot about Rick Santorum. I try to put Santorum out of my mind. It's better that way.

  6. don't roll in love, it stains. Or, if you must roll in the love, then wear some sort of tyvek PPE. Love is infectious, I'm almost certain.

  7. Also. . . How DARE you politicize Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling is a natural resource to be shared by ALL parties and denominations.

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