Why FOLLOW? (for beginners) and other MTS news.


I just got my 250th follower! Remember when I begged for followers because Lance said that if I got to 250 (this was when I was at like 125) I could get my sweet new camera?  We’re there, dude! Problem is, the money I was saving for the damn camera went other places.  Maybe someday. For now, I’m just stoked that I suckered 250 of you to follow my blog. I’m thinking some sort of Snuggie Cult (but then I googled it to find a picture and people are already SO doing that. Must think of something new) .

I got asked about following. Why “follow” someone’s blog (I mean, other than to feed their ego and get them a camera…)? Following is GOOD. Especially if you like to read LOTS of blogs.

Do you have a “blog roll” in your sidebar of your own blog? Following people is the EASIEST way to add them to your sidebar. If you “follow” them, all you have to do when you open up the blog roll gadget and click on “add to list” and then “blogs I’m following”. It’s like magic! You can add all of the blogs you like.  I’ve separated out into four different lists, Friends and Family, Autism, Down syndrome, and Funny blogs. It’s the same process for all, I just have to select which blogs go on which directory. I always click on “Sort: Most Recently Updated”, too, because that way you’re not searching through your entire feed to find the latest posts.  If you need more explanation on any of this, let me know.

If you don’t have a blog or prefer to not have others blogs listed on your blog (which you should, it’s a good way for others to find good blogs related to YOUR content. I’m always searching blogs that I like for other blogs that the author of that blog enjoys), all of the blogs you follow show up in your “dashboard” (the place you go when you click on the little orange “B” in the upper left hand corner in blogspot) down at the bottom.  

If you have a GOOGLE account, all of these blogs are loaded to your “google reader”. I’m just beginning to see how cool this thing is. I’ve been reading through some blogs on the Ipad. It makes it much easier than reading them all on the Web.

Anyways, thank you for “following” me. The strange social experiment will begin shortly. In the meantime, wanna do me a solid and vote for me for the Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Funny Blogs? I’m to the point that it’s the only thing that holds this blog together…the very occasional funniness. I really THOUGHT I didn’t care about being in the top 25, but then my fragile self esteem got a boost when 20 people voted for me in the first hour or so. And it was like meffing crack! If you don’t think *I’m* funny, go vote for “Yeah, Good Times” because she IS funny. You actually can vote for BOTH, but I want you to vote your conscious (or your FEAR). Or you could vote for her to spite me. Either way. You don’t have to login or anything. Two freaking clicks is all. And you can click DAILY.

Then I will love you almost as much as I love freaking Cheryl, who I just found out has pretty much donated to EVERY cause I put on here. She didn’t do it to get any attention. She didn’t do it because she knew ANY of the people personally. She did it because she’s AWESOME. And I know very well that she’s not the only one. A huge thank you to her and to ALL of you that continue to support the causes I throw at you. It means SO MUCH to me. I know there are a bunch of you who have donated that I don’t know about. Every once in a while I get let in on people who donate and it makes me so glad to have such fantastic people in my life (GUSH).

The Willis family are Amazon associates. So if you click on the link to the left or the one below, 7% of all revenue on what buy will go towards their adoption. Awesome, right? I use amazon all of the time anyways. Just go make sure to click on the link.  I had blogher ads up, but Jennifer and I decided that this would be more lucrative. I’m not allowed to have both together.

Their puzzle fundraiser is still going on and for all of you OREGON FOLKS- their Papa’s Pizza fundraiser is TOMORROW. Take their flyer in and get HALF OFF! Remember, too, that they are Amazon associates, so if you click the link on their blog (or below) to get to Amazon 6% of your purchase goes to them.

4 thoughts on “Why FOLLOW? (for beginners) and other MTS news.

  1. Speaking of the subject of this blog…I would really like to hear what you, as a Mormon, think about your church's proxy baptisms of Holocaust victims. I enjoy reading your blog and the blogs of other LDS women, but it truly disturbs me that there has been NO condemnation of this atrocious, violating practice. I speak as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. It's particularly troubling that you would so strongly speak out against the abortion of fetuses who test positive for Down Syndrome while at the same time staying silent on this issue, which is, after all, an issue of LIFE — respect for the lives of these individuals, respect for their religion, respect for their legacy.

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