So I was wrong about the autism blog stuff…

I posted a little while ago about how I was having a tough time finding good autism blogs. The “market” is very saturated with awesome Down syndrome blogs (most are awesome, I can name one or two I’d openly tell you to stay away from), and I was overwhelmed with those. But I’ve wanted to read more about other people’s lives with autism. So I started where I usually do when I think about this sort of crap: The BabyCenter community boards. I asked in the autism group what their fave blogs were and didn’t get ANY response. Or at least, not in the first couple of days. After that I forgot about it and started a new project I’ll never finish. So I thought maybe they just weren’t out there. Maybe parents of children with autism don’t blog. Maybe their lives are spent much like mine, laying on the floor of the Smithsonian with a very tall, shoeless, sock-less, screaming and crying autistic child because we didn’t get to see the butterflies as people walked by VERY wide-eyed and scared (um, no lie, that happened today).

But guess what? I was wrong! So freaking wrong. And even better than that, the blogs that I have come across in the last few days aren’t just good blogs about autism, they are hilarious, they are HONEST, and they make me feel more like a human. I’ve only scratched the surface with these blogs.  PLEASE check out the ones in my feed. The one that I’m loving SO MUCH is the one below where the Ryan Gosling Meme party came from. It’s not just a funny blog. She says the things that I’ve been thinking about. But says them WAY better than I can. A post from a little while ago made me want to to write it out on a scrolly piece of paper, frame it, and have it be the Autism Constitution:

I understand how loyal you guys can be about visiting another blog outside of mine (I almost put a smiley emoticon here to imply the degree of sarcasm, but I refused because emoticons aren’t my thing, unless I’m being passive aggressive. Then I’m ALL over it) and I wanted to just copy and paste her entire post here, but I really feel like she deserves people actually visiting her blog to read this post. And commenting. In fact, I’m turning off comments on this post BECAUSE I want you to go there. Comment there.

Thank you, Sunday, for writing a post I do not have the talent, the attention, and the huevos to actually write. Also, for saving me the time. I plan to use it eating.  As I read through the blogosphere and some of the posts that had people fighting, I wanted so much for there to be one particular post to settle all things. And you did it!

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